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Poor poor JEB!

Well … if everybody didn’t vote, that would be a pretty powerful political statement, wouldn’t it?


Jeb Bush has a sads.

Patriot Retort: Poor Jeb Bush.

A year and a half ago he was on top of the world.

Life was gooooood.

He had a war chest of a hundred million dollars and he was a lock to be the Republican nominee for President.

It didn’t matter than Republican voters didn’t want anything to do with him.

He had the backing of the Establishment and the big-money donors.

The world was his oyster.

Then those pesky primary voters didn’t play their part.


Jeb bowed out after South Carolina.

What did he manage to get? Four delegates?

I could understand Jeb having a sads if voters had been overwhelmingly backing him until Donald Trump entered the race.

But they weren’t.

Nobody cared to have another Bush.

Voters didn’t want the guy.

He was never the top dog.

Donald Trump didn’t deprive Jeb of the nomination; the voters did.

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  1. He can go have a pitty party with “Prince” Charles – the man who would NEVER be king…

  2. I had a question posed to me once that gives me reason to ponder. If less than half the people vote, and just more than half of that win the election, how can that be considered ‘consent of the governed’?

    What percent of the governed must give consent to have a legitimate government?

  3. I used to respect the Bushes but not supporting our republican nominee, they clearly out for themselves in not respectful of the electorate that has given them two presentencies. Since the Bushes we have to hold our nose and vote. Now the Fuckers can’t even return the favor!

  4. Lowell, don’t ponder that, it would be disaster if people were forced to vote.

  5. I don’t talk politics or religion with anybody at work or out in public, if I don’t like you in either arena, you’re never going to make inroads with me. I’ll just smile at you, and gracefully change the subject. That’s my respectful duty. It’s that simple! When at work, you’re there to work, not proselytize! And out in public, that’s my free time away from the riffraff that is. I vote my mind, because it’s my freedom to do so and my dutiful responsibility. One thing that the freedoms of this country affords us all, and that we are all charged with.
    Jen is just a dick, plain and simple.

  6. I was happy to have W rather than Gore. Just sayin.

  7. @Inogo, agreed I can no longer deal with them other than a fake smile.
    But I deal with I am on the school level and not on the level.

  8. Low Energy Jeb! recommends other people sit on their ass.

  9. If you choose not to choose, you still have made a choice.
    Those who stay home, especially those registered to vote, should be considered a “no” vote.
    For example, in this county, all tax proposals must be approved by the taxpayers. But out of 10,000 residents, and ~ 5,000 registered voters – a “majority” of those who turn out on election day decide the issue. Thus, if 100 out of 175 vote for the issue, it passes – even though 4,825 stayed home. Those 4,825 stay-at-homes should be counted as “no” votes, not simply ignored.

    CHEB!’s losses would have been far greater had this procedure been adopted.
    He’s probably a decent man, but his, decidedly, socialist leanings make him unfit for leadership in the Republican Party – though he is aptly fit for the RINO establishment. I wish him well, but also wish he’d go to some other country – one where his brand of socialism is appreciated.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. If it weren’t for Reagan, GHWBush would’ve topped out as a senator from Maine.
    If it weren’t for Gore opposing, W wouldn’t have made it out of TX.
    If it weren’t for Trump, Yeb! would have graciously bowed to Pres. Hillary when she trounced him.

    How obvious does the GOP have to make it to America, that it doesn’t care about it ??

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