Poor Ocasio-Cortez complains about her workload

American Thinker: Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is upset that her new job in Congress – which mostly consists of talking — is too demanding.  We can infer from her shock the night that she won her primary battle against the ten-term incumbent that she defeated (and therefore presumptively won the seat in the general election) that she didn’t really expect to assume the responsibility of a member of the House of Representatives. Which might explain her embarrassing questioning of the president of Wells Fargo Bank Wednesday

But now that she is not merely a congresswoman but a media darling, it turns out that work life is  more demanding than bartending and cadging tips. She may not have as much time to spend on buying clothing and makeup as she used to be able to.  Watch her kvetch about the work demands her unexpected victory has brought:


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  1. They keep calling her “The Left’s Trump”. Sounds more like she’s The Left’s Jeb. Such Low energy. Sad.

  2. Perhaps she needs to give her yap a rest. Engaging it seems to trigger an unusual amount of facial contortions.

  3. …Now, come on, she DOES work hard! It must take a LOT of effort to be that WILLFULLY stupid.

    She DOES have a natural GIFT for stupidity, true, but to be able to breathe and STILL be as ignorant of EVERYTHING as she is MUST require some mental muscle to push past ALL the evidence, ALL the common sense, ALL the history and ALL the other voices in the world telling you you’re an idiot and STILL push into entire new REALMS of obliviousness…

  4. Well, just like her college career AOC had no idea there would be homework if she was elected. She obviously did not do the studying she was supposed to in college as it shows in how ignorant she is. Now, she is trying to fake her way through congress and it is not working all that well.

    This is what happens when a trendy candidate gets elected and the voters find out that the candidate is a moron.

  5. she has ‘capped’ her staff’s salaries at 80K/yr, with a ‘minimum living wage’ of 56K/yr.
    Has she also ‘capped’ her salary of 176K/yr? I don’t think so, and that is how socialists work. Sounds pretty damn capitalist to me.
    I find it interesting, that she advocates the pending greatness of ‘automation.’ She has limited the income of her employees, who do all the work for her, and she has essentially become an announcer or script reader, delivering the work of her employees. That sounds to me like she is the ideal candidate for replacement by automation. And a robot won’t complain about long hours, either.

  6. TFW you find out you no longer can sleep until noon, go in to work at five and party until four after you clock out at midnight.

  7. I know…she should star in a remake of Coyote Ugly.
    We may really have to chew our arm off to be rid of her.

  8. It’s a universal truth that socialism appeals to the lazy and stupid. They are too lazy and/or stupid to steal from the rest of us, so they vote for the government to do it for them.

  9. always tell my kids, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it
    crazy eyes didn’t read the fine print
    you’re sold sweety, they OWN you
    better get it together honey, you have a long road
    DiFi’s 85, Nancy Pelois is 78, & Hamrod’s 71 hacking up lungs & is still goes out there spewing

  10. I’m delighted that the democrats have elected this major pile of excrement. AOC has become a major nightmare. I’m delighted.


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