Poor Residents of South Bend: Buttigieg Left Us Behind

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“Ain’t s— changed,” said one resident.

Residents of South Bend, Indiana’s poor neighborhoods claim Mayor Pete Buttigieg left them behind and did little to improve their situation.

“This s— looks the same, every time I walk through here,” C.J. Neely said of his neighborhood, according to a report by CNBC. “He’s improved s—,” Neely added, even as he acknowledged Buttigieg was “trying.”

Neely, who is 16 years old, has lived in South Bend all his life.

The report highlights the contrast between South Bend’s revived downtown area and its poorer neighborhoods:

South Bend’s northwest, pocked by vacant lots, broken curbs and blighted by streets that residents say have gone unpaved for years, is a world away from the sleek, revitalized downtown at the center of Buttigieg’s audacious argument for placing himself in the highest office in the land. Yet while everything seems to be new and bustling with energy downtown, in many other neighborhoods, the city’s economic life is in a holding pattern.

It’s a problem that weighs heavily in South Bend, where more than half of the city’s residents last year said that their neighborhoods hadn’t improved over the previous five, according to survey data reported in the South Bend Tribune.

One of Buttigieg’s initiatives for aiding low-income communities was a pledge to knock down or repair almost all of South Bend’s vacant homes. The project led, however, to unintended consequences, residents observed, and there was little planning for what would replace the abandoned homes.

The report outlines some of the consequences:

SNIP: And he wants to be our latex salesman. *shakes head*

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  1. The streets with the trendy gay nightclubs and bath houses are 🎶👍 FABULOUS!! 👨‍❤️‍👨🍆🚀 Other than that the city is a shithole.

    And it should be noted that when America looks for a president they always look to medium sized failed city mayors. OK. That was a fallacy.

    Democrats are riding first class on the Crazy Train.

  2. How did it come to this? His one “accomplishment” is that unusual things make him horny. That’s what he’s running on for president of the United States. The left is sick and insane.

  3. Wait a second!

    Someone names “Butt” left you BEHIND???


    You can’t make this stuff up.

    Just sayin’.

  4. Here is a PC conundrum for you: Mayor Pete Buttigieg is gay, married to a man. Textbook sodomite. He is running for president in 2020. Islam, Russia, China, Iran and N.Korea do NOT recognize nor accept homosexuality. We have no right to dictate or even criticize them otherwise. Their societal norm is their business. Let’s pretend, for argument sake, that gay Pete gets elected president. How in the world can he have meaningful international conversation/negotiations with these nations. They would rather shake hands with a leper. Islam would prefer to toss him off a building. Russia would ignore him, China would lock him up and N.Korea would execute him. Iran would deny that he even existed, before they toss him off a building. Yes, yes, I know a US president is protected but that doesn’t stop what they are thinking about. In essence, he enters the game waaaaay behind the 8-ball. Not good for the rest of us.

    In the name of common sense, shouldn’t Buttigieg withdraw from the election for the good of the nation? He could never represent us effectively in the global arena due to his sexual lifestyle choice. We have enough global enemies as it is. Why make things worse, intentionally?

  5. mickey moussaoui, aren’t 2/3 of the D candidates running just to make enough money to pull a Bernie (buy a lake home)?

  6. Bob M: Was that a plug for Buttigieg’s candidacy? Don’t be plugging Buttigieg!

    (If we don’t restrain ourselves, this stuff just writes itself.)

  7. I, too, see Alfred E. Neuman whenever I see this photo and Pete’s sad expression will be perfect for a MAD magazine photoshop when he drops out or loses.

  8. Tired of voting for democrats who are figurative cocksuckers?… Now you can vote for a real cocksucker… Buttgag 2020.


    Just like Geraldine Ferraro, Jessie Jackson, and Hillary Clinton, they all are just faces in the political swatch to promote “diversity.” He has zero chance of winning and they just want to make political hay out of being “progressive.”

  10. I do occasional contract IT work, usually at residences. I have had work that took me to the South Bend area in the last five years, usually on the south side. The area is amazingly depressing to go through. It looks like time has passed them by except for newer gas stations. Not much going on, business-wise.


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