Pop Kissing Explains Biden’s “Cold”

Think this one through.

He is telling the lockdowned world that his grandkids are running around and they are maskless and having a helluva time swapping spit with grandpa, maybe rubbing his hairy legs.

Meanwhile, there are people in lockdown camps being threatened, as if they are criminals, with punitive fines and lock ups.

There are people being busted for having “too many” family members at a holiday get-together.

Rules for thee, not for me.

18 Comments on Pop Kissing Explains Biden’s “Cold”

  1. The grandkid he refuses to acknowledge is the winner. I can only imagine what happens to those kids after how he treated his own daughter.

  2. On another note, he said we can’t build a wall around America to stop Covid.
    Well, “Pop” Xiden a wall definitely would help keep out illegals with Covid and God knows what other plagues from running our borders.

  3. That poor child has done more than kiss his pop. File this under, “Reasons why Joe Biden’s dick smells like ass”.

  4. Listen to it again or I’ll just type out exactly what he said,

    “he likes to kiss his Pop and he has been kissing my p…Anyway”


  5. Can’t begin to imagine where his flappy loose drooling withered pedophile lips have been. Likely the child molester Biden assaulted some poor unsuspecting kid while the parents look on stupidly. Even more so now, good and nurturing parents everywhere should counsel their kids regarding pedophiles like Joe Biden, that the monsters aren’t always ‘strangers’ but can be found in our midst wearing ironed cheap suits and sporting dowdy bleach-dyed aged-out wives.

  6. Tthat the pedophile Biden ignores a grandchild produced by crackhead son hunter and some prostitute is nevertheless mean-spirited and vicious, displaying the true nature of the pedophile Joe Biden. That ignored child, however, may be the lucky one, having escaped the child-molesting grandfather’s seks assaults and advances. Not so fortunate was the daughter of the predator and serial molester-supremacist Joe Biden—PEDOPHILE OF THE UNITED STATES.

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