Pope Francis on Global Warming: ‘Time is Running Out!’


Citing a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Pope Francis said in a speech today “that only one decade or so remains in order to achieve this confinement of global warming.”

“Dear friends, time is running out!” he said.

“The climate crisis requires ‘our decisive action, here and now’ and the Church is fully committed to playing her part,” the pope said.

“A significant development in this past year was the release of the ‘Special Report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels,’ by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,” the pope said. “That report clearly warns that effects on the climate will be catastrophic if we cross the threshold of 1.5ºC outlined in the Paris Agreement goal. The report warns, moreover, that only one decade or so remains in order to achieve this confinement of global warming.”

He was addressing attendees at a Vatican meeting called “The Energy Transition & Care of Our Common Home.”

The pope said this meeting focused on three points.

“Your meeting has focused on three interrelated points: first, a just transition; second, carbon pricing; and third, transparency in reporting climate risk,” the pope said.

By “carbon pricing” the pope explained that people must pay more now for energy.  more here

34 Comments on Pope Francis on Global Warming: ‘Time is Running Out!’

  1. CHRIST !!!! Is he saying we only have twelve years left? How did this socialist bastard ever get to be pope?

  2. …Time IS running out…for Fake Pope’s BOSS, that is…

    Revelation 12:12
    “Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”

  3. Francie had a chat with AOC and Algore.
    REPENT youse guys, THE END IS NEAR!

    Dear Jesus please tell Your Dad that His vicor on earth is losing his mind.

  4. @Badco:

    How did this socialist bastard ever get to be pope?

    When the papal conclave met, the cardinals looked at each other and tacitly agreed that it was in their own personal best interests to elect a pope who would turn a blind eye to priest and prelate homosexuality and pedophilia. Jorge Bergoglio was their man.

  5. A.Moose JUNE 15, 2019 AT 1:05 PM
    “The Bible teaches that only God knows when the end will be. Does this guy even read the Bible?”

    …well, he, himself, rewrote the Lord’s Prayer (yep, red letters and EVERYTHING) a couple weeks ago, so if he DOES read it, it’s just so he can consider how to REVISE it to serve his master BELOW…


  6. Moe Tom, “Dear Jesus please tell Your Dad that His vicar on earth is losing his mind.”

    EXCELLENT comment!

  7. Hey Dad how come there are no more circuses?
    Well son, all the clowns became politicians and the last one became Pope. So there you have it.
    Moe tom

  8. It will be such a relief when all these leftists drop dead from climate change in 11.6 years. After the bodies are disposed of we can get back to living in a sane and happy world.

  9. …one of the biggest mysteries about the advent of the Obama administration is who managed to put a fraud in place as President of the United States AND get the Catholic Church to depose a sitting pope in favor of a globalist Liberation Theology Jesuit, and how…

    …by the way, if you’re not familiar with Liberation Theology, it informs BOTH this “Pope” AND “Obama”, so you might want to read up on it as it’s what they’re using to attack US…


  10. The Pope apparently doesn’t believe in the prophecies of the Bible concerning the end times and the role of men and nature described within them.

    Unless he’s deliberately trying to fulfill the prophecy of the Church falling to unsound doctrine, which is what he seems to be introducing. Promoting something other than the teachings of Christ in place of those things he taught us, something the Bible warns us to be alert about and not fall victim to as we approach the final days of this era.

  11. In the Catholic Church, does investments refer to the period of time the priest is wearing vestments, or does it pertain to financial instruments?

  12. This guy is a useless, raging idiot. Or just a marxist on a mission to destroy from within.

    Either way…

  13. Doing his best to usher in the great apostasy and falling away before Christ’s return.
    He is a pawn of Satan as shown by his un-Godly and un-Biblical actions and statements.

    His attacks on firearms ownership, capitalism, illegal invasions, the Lord’s Prayer, worshipping the creation and not the Creator via bogus climate change are all evidence he is not aligned with God.

    Of course, one should expect this from the leadership structure of the Catholic faith that centralizes power in one flawed man. He is a primary reason that Protestantism arose.

  14. We will need to pay more for the energy we use! I thought we weren’t supposed to use any energy!

  15. Left Coast Dan – LMAO!

    How does Pope know when the Earth will end and how it will end?
    Does The Bible say we can bribe our way out with Carbon Credits? I don’t remember reading that.

  16. Yes I agree. He’s a spawn of Satin. Put in office by the homosexuals and socialists in the Catholic Church. They retired a wonderful man, to get socialist Francie in power. A pox on all your houses, you antichrist scumbags.
    I’m out.


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