Popular Mechanics Publishes “Tribal Map” On Columbus Day

Popular Mechanics

As more and more communities recognize October 14th as Indigenous People’s Day, the question of how best to celebrate indigenous people arises. A good first step is learning about which tribes resided in your specific part of the country before vicious settler colonialism uprooted them or likely worse. Thanks to a mapping company’s clever approach to Google Maps, it’s possible to learn which native tribes once inhabited your neighborhood.

It’s called Native-Land, and it’s run by Canadian developer Victor G Temprano. Temprano also runs the company Mapster, which helps to create maps for a wide variety of uses. More

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  1. Yeah, they have the Sioux in the Black Hills earlier than they made it, if this is supposed to be at the time of Columbus. And they don’t mention the people the Sioux drove out when they arrived. Why am I not surprised.

  2. Indeed, why *are* you here, Progular Mechanix? Bad mission creep. The More and More people can figure that shit out amongst themselves.

  3. The best thing that happened to the indigenous peoples is the the Europeans got here before the Chinese did. Heck, half the native tribes hadn’t even figured out the wheel when the evil white man showed up. And one with nature? I don’t think so. Hell just today three tribes in Oregon/Washington are suing the government because they want three dams on the lower Columbia river taken down so they can fish for salmon like their ancestors did. Yeah right, twin 200 horsepower outboard motors on a 30 foot aluminum boat, and nets that run across a mile wide river.

  4. They had slavery when we got here, they took their slaves on the trail of tears
    We killed them with smallpox, they gave us syphilis
    They waged wars of total extermination
    They tortured prisoners
    Rape of foreigners and women of other tribes was encouraged
    They depleted resources and then conquered others for their land
    In short they behaved like the average human in the wild days
    No better,
    No worse

  5. Are we really supposed to believe there would still only be a stone age culture in the American continents if Columbus hadn’t sailed? Why is everything the left believes based on such toddler-level thinking?

  6. Didn’t waste my time looking at it. Does the map allow you to vary the time point so you can watch the changes of territories as the peaceful indigenous people conquered and slaughtered one another?

  7. Popular Mechanics used to have some cool shit in it. Then it devolved into how to use a hammer. Then it devolved to this. Indigenous, when? How? How many scalps, and necklaces of baby hands? Owned how?

  8. 🖕This @The Deplorable TWP
    OCTOBER 14, 2019 AT 10:40 PM

    They didn’t even keep records of lands conquered by each other! And many were evil nomads.

  9. Grandma used to stick two tiny little fingers up behind her head when she would explain she was an indian. She was four foot nine tough as nails an had all kinds of names for indians that would cause snowflakes today to faint. Loved going to pow wows with grandma.

  10. And what is the purpose of this map or graphic? Other than to get people riled up?

    I LIVE on former Siwanoy land.


    There is a grade school within walking distance named in their honor, that my crew went to and learned about the local TRIBES.

    Anne Hutchinson showed up in 1640 set up a Christian settlement after getting thrown out of Massachusetts! Then she was promptly killed by the Natives…


    Then they made a decision to ally with the British as they did during the French and Indian War so THEY decided their fate…

    We live next to a major Black Tribe in the next town…just off exit 9 on ‘the Hutch’…there is another Tribe to the south as well called the Bronx.

    Many tribes there…

  11. My kids and I spend many of our weekends and our vacations in the company of NDNs. I mean we spend our weekends in the company of NDNs. We play together and not because of any other reason than we share common interests. And let me tell you something, there is none of this victim bullshit talk. Period. Full stop.

    We spend time with NDNs who do what they do as ranchers and cowboys who work some of the toughest ranches in the USA and we basically just have a lot of fun being around them. My two little monsters, age 4 & 6, campaigned all summer to get to go to Walla Walla in September for All Nations Indian Relay National Championships with my ten-year old and I this year and that meant they had to show they could behave for four straight days of rodeo in Omak and then two weeks later repeat in Ellensburg. And they pulled it off.

    Nobody is talking any of that victim shit and we have had some real heated discussions regarding how the Treaty rights should be interpreted and implemented, but there is no disagreement that the US Government recognized those rights in order to end the fighting in the northwest – where the NDNs were never defeated militarily. Basically the US government went after their food supply and their civilian population in order to force the Treaties.

    Now hear me and hear me good, these people are some of the most fair minded and forgiving people ever put on the face of the earth. They also can read insincerity in an instant and if they recognize that you will never get close to them. Members of my family have summer range up out of Browning on the Rez. They get along just fine with the Blackfeet. My kids and I vacation on the Collville Rez and get on just fine. We have made friends with Lakota and Sioux NDNs who live on the Pine Ridge Rez. We have made friends with NDNs from he Crow Rez south east of Billings. We have ShoBan friends from Ft Hall and none of us have any use for the racial agitators or any use for “ multicultural bullshit panderfests” full of full of shit rotten lousy two-faced pieces of shit out to make a big show of how Goddamned enlightened they are.

    I have a photo of a friend who shot a massive elk with his bow and in the lower left of the photo he sent out has a Collville Confederated Tribes flag photoshopped into the picture and guess what is photoshopped into the right lower corner of that photo? If you guessed Old Glory, go to the head of the class. That photo was circulated among NDNs and I promise you it was put together that way to show how proud that young man is of his NDN heritage and nationality as well as his being proud of being an American citizen.

    NDNs paint their horses. They always have and would anyone like to take a stab about what I have seen painted on the right rear hip of more than a few NDN relay horses? I don’t have to tell you, do I? Right there along the lightning bolts, hand prints, elk, salmon and dots and geometric designs is our country’s flag.

    These races are run in places like Waterville, Ft Hall, Browning, Pine Ridge and Okanogan and there are few other than NDNs in the stands and at Frontier Days and Pendleton Roundup and a few other major rodeos where there are others there, but they came for the rodeo and relay is just another event at the show. I have seen that flag painted on horses that ran off the hill at Omak and on horses that were running mountain races too.

    And yes, you can disagree on how Treaties are to be interpreted and implemented and I frequently do, yet we can still be friends, but you cannot be so damn idiotic as to claim that the Treaties entered into by your government are not valid and binding and retain any respect. Your government set the terms and used warfare against civilian populations to force acceptance of those terms when they could not defeat the Northwest tribes militarily.

    The US government set the terms and the tribes accepted those terms under threat of genocide, and that is no exaggeration. To not recognize the Treaties as valid is not just wrong, it is obscene,

  12. That above being said, let me state unequivocally: crap agitation like this Popular Mechanics poppycock makes me sick. I don’t know any NDNs on a friendship basis who don’t feel the same way.

  13. I cut that magazine loose when I smelled the first ofal it saw fit to print. Same with Pop Sci (even worse).

    Vote with your pocketbooks, folks:send the likes of commie supporting morons like le Bron James back to the street.

  14. Popular Mechanics and Popular Science are no longer about mechanics and science, same goes for the History Channel which is more bs reality shows nowadays than anything else. And Nat Geo as well and the Discovery Channel for the most part. Everything has to have an agenda in order to try and make a buck or convince people of their politically correct world view. Hell even Superman isn’t Superman anymore, he’s morphed into a totally unrecognizable parody of what he used to be when he stood up for truth, justice and the American way.

  15. That was like, over 2 years ago, dude.

    How is it that the imbeciles only GAF about fake “history?”
    Columbus never set foot on the North American continent.
    Why be hating on him? Cuz he was a wop? Thas, like, racist, and shit.

    And anyway, in a different narrative, aren’t we told that the Scandinavians settled North America? Or Ancient Space Aliens?

    They don’t even have to keep their lies straight, cuz Academia and the media are running interference.

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. Which year is it supposed to represent?

    Coronado discovered the Apaches in Kansas. Clearly, they moved to a better neighborhood. Presumably after being run out by the Pawnees.

  17. Lazlo pretty much sums it up. The Iroquois confederation in NY pretty much wiped out all the tribes around them.

    The 19th century historian Francis Parkman, who chronicled the struggle between the European powers for the domination of North America, concluded that had they been left alone, they would never have created a civilization. They had the mind of a savage, and such a mind would preclude any possibility of developing the various specializations required to form a civilization. One should not confuse culture with civilization. You have to have cities to have a civilization.

    Now the Iroquois have adopted our culture for their benefit . I buy gas at their reservation for $2.09 per gallon, which saves me about $27 per fill up. They have multiple casinos that make lots of cash for the tribe, and you can see how this has changed their standard of living.

  18. where is the map that shows who lived on the land before the tribes that were there when Columbus arrived?

    it wasn’t the same people then.

    if some pre Columbus native owns my land then he owes me for a lot of property taxes.

    question: if we have to pay property taxes every year while we own the property, do we really own it?

  19. Hey you know what, Nobody was here first so the land belongs to Nobody. So everybody leave the planet and let Nobody have it back.

  20. What did those evil Indigenous bastards do with the Clovis people?
    What about the Soultreans?
    I thought so.
    Probable ate them like the megafauna that would still be around if not for their asses

  21. The left destroys everything they touch.
    Funny thing is parents for years paid big money to send kids to schools and colleges to get this stuff drilled into them, now we’re wondering how it all happened. Stop giving them your kids and money.

  22. Was a long-time subscriber until they started spouting leftist political bullshit instead of woodworking and ‘how-to’ instruction, which I always assumed would be the reason one would even have a subscription to a Magazine called “Popular Mechanics.
    Still have a stack of those old ones in the garage.

  23. Everyone blames Columbus for the crimes committed by English- and French-speaking colonizers, but they never mention the crimes committed by Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking colonizers, because we don’t want to insult half the ethnic heritage of the Hispanic peoples and nations.

    Feliz el Dia de Christobal Columbo; El Conquistador Primo!
    Happy Columbus Day, The First Conquistador!

  24. Popular Mechanics ought to go back to articles about building your own flying automobile.

    And who gave the red people title to the entire continent? As far as I can tell, owning property wasn’t a thing to them, so they can’t claim ownership rights to America.


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