Porch Thieves Steal Package Meant For Little Boy With a Brain Tumor

These 2 wenches are the world’s worst, and I agree with the mother that said they are only remorseful because they got caught.


Thieves swiped a wrestling belt replica that belonged to a sick 5-year-old Delaware boy—

Timothy Vick Sr. tells WBOC that little Timmy Vick was diagnosed with autism when he was just a toddler, but then, another development in October: Timmy had a brain tumor. To help make that news easier for Timmy to deal with, his parents saved up close to $2,000 so that they could purchase the WWE belt replica and ship it across the country to Washington belt designer Sergio Moreira, whom they commissioned to swap out the plastic gems for cubic zirconia and make other alterations so the belt would be as authentic as possible. But before Moreira could start his work, the unthinkable happened: Two women were spotted on his door-view camera stealing the package with the belt right off his porch.

The women saw local media reports about the theft, as well as their own pics, and returned in person to give the belt back to Moreira, along with a four-page handwritten apology. “They said they were homeless drug addicts and thought they could make a few extra dollars off of whatever was in the boxes,” he tells CNN. “I could see the look on their faces, that they were very, very sad and they had been crying.” He added that the note said, “Never in a million years would I have stolen from a sick 5-year-old myself and am ashamed of what I did,” and that it was signed, “Two idiots.”



When you steal, not knowing the story behind any of your thefts, you’re potentially doing exactly what you did. But you don’t care.

You only care in this case because you were caught.

Drop dead.

Be wary of the link because Newser is calling this a story with a “happy ending.”


These 2 crunts are still drug addicts and are still not productive citizens, or family members, I can assure you.

A happy ending is one where they become clean, responsible, self-reliant, Trump-voting citizens, not typical progressive parasite losers that ruin civil society and wear Che Sanders shirts.

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  1. Thou shalt not steal.
    So old fashioned. Irrelevant in the land of the criminally
    Insane democrats, who have theft as part of their party platform. Along with the 6 other deadly sins.

  2. “I could see the look on their faces, that they were very, very sad and they had been crying.”

    Give me a break. One time I had to suspend an employee for a few days. Had to work real hard to not bust out laughing at the fake cry.

  3. A friend of mine from church, her oldest had cancer about nine years ago (and now he’s cancer free and 21!). But while he was going through chemo, she got home from the hospital to find that her house had been broken into and robbed. She wrote a letter to the local paper saying how her son was in chemo and his belongings were stolen. It got on the news. The creeps who did it were caught because it became such a big local news story.

    People who steal from others don’t give a shit about the folks they steal from. I don’t buy the “thieves regret” angle either.

  4. Yup, I agree with BFH. The only reason they are crying is because they got caught.
    You have no idea what is in the package, or why it was being sent, but you still stole it and cried when someone identified you?
    Much as I hate to make it political (no I don’t), strange that this is happening in a state that is run by Democrats. Why are people in such bad condition that they feel this is necessary in a state that gives things out?
    God Bless Timmothy Vick Jr. and I hope he survives and can be a model for others suffering similar conditions.

  5. I hope no one steals someone’s sitz bath or squatty potty. Lol

    Or at least be able to see their faces when they open the boxes.

  6. Only when we return to a normal society, where women wear bags over their heads and gays are thrown off buildings, will this end.

  7. So no jail time for the tranny and its accomplice?

    Public shaming is not enough because stealing mail is a “gateway crime” and only emboldens the thieves after enough time goes by with ZERO consequences being suffered for the criminal acts.

    By their logic anything left unguarded with public access is fair game to them, so that parked car? fair game. so what if it is being used to drive a paraplegic veteran around, right? why not go after those wheelchair scooters? I bet they would fetch a pretty penny on the black market huh?

    These sick losers make me agree with the muzzies, cut off one hand each. there lesson learned, and if not they can keep cutting off body parts until they get to their head. not so many repeat offenders when you are limbless!

  8. I refuse to believe that even a liberal would stoop that low.
    Yeah…..I know better, and that is sickening.

  9. We have a guy here in Shamokin PA that put his used kitty litter in a “package” just for Porch Pirates.


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