Portland Antifa Celebrate 100th Night of Rioting By Setting One Of Their Own On Fire

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In what is can only be described as the end result of abject failure from Democrats running the city, Portland marked the 100th day of lawlessness Saturday night.

Nothing could mark the sad occasion better than a rioter setting himself of fire. After all, the anarchists and radical revolutionaries are not exactly the sharpest tools in the shed, and when Molotov cocktails are added to the equation, you end up with what some described as the β€œAntifa shuffle.” More

16 Comments on Portland Antifa Celebrate 100th Night of Rioting By Setting One Of Their Own On Fire

  1. Bob M. – Well, yes they are generally incompetent turds. Still, I treat all incendiary devices with total respect because arson is indiscriminate. It is true that ALL BLM supporters are either duped fools or marxists terrorists, but even an idiot can set fire to a building.

    So, my response to anyone trying go ignite something near my house is a 30.06 round or two.

  2. @Braden Lynch

    Well-placed 5.56 has recently been shown to work well, too. πŸ˜‰

    Let’s ’em TASTE the pain, LONGER… 😎

  3. I hope antifa didn’t get burned (too badly), but his thousands of dollars worth of Air Jordans were a total write off.

    In watching the video, there’s another antifa to the right running out of frame with his pant legs on fire before the other idiot does the fire walk over to his posse. Got to love the twofer.

  4. What do you expect from a bunch of soy boy fags? They never played sports, so they can’t throw worth a shit. Their hand/eye coordination is terrible and half of them hop when they toss something. Sad to watch, actually. Nothing masculine at all about those faggots.


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