Portland Consider Change To Building Code – To Require “Resting Areas” For Homeless

Gateway Pundit

As one of the nation’s leading laughing stocks of far left policy, Portland is doing its normal Portland thing and now proposing a mandate that would force developers to provide “resting areas” for the homeless on private property. More

19 Comments on Portland Consider Change To Building Code – To Require “Resting Areas” For Homeless

  1. Resting areas? Like the cemetery? If they become anymore nonproductive, the next logical “homestead” is the grave.

  2. isn’t that what they do all freakin’ day?!?!?

    do it … just f*ckin’ do it! … the sooner you ‘progressives’ flush yourselves down the sewer into a third-world shithole, the better. anyone w/ half a brain will move away … far, far away

  3. Go ahead, make my day. Pass your freakin’ law. I DARE YOU!

    Builders just won’t build. Commerce will stop. Taxes will dry up and taxpayers will leave. You’ll get what you deserve…a city with PLENTY of free space for tents.

    Ya just gotta love the lunacy…

  4. This is so easy to fix.
    Crowd fund for a water truck to patrol the streets and wash away debris from the sidewalk. If your crowd fund is successful, you might buy an old Argentinian water canon. Then you can really clean up.

  5. If your going to do it go all the way. Retroactive for every house in the city. See how that works out. But they won’t, because new buildings are the hostage if you want to build. Hey and don’t forget all the new green stuff they shovel on top of it.
    They already make you build two rentals on your house in order to build your house.

  6. I suppose a solution (rather than an “approach” — that requires constant government employee supervision, for intervention, needing ever expanding employee counts) is inconceivable.

    (As making housing — all housing — affordable would require lowering housing cost, which would lower tax extraction, which would lower government employee counts.)

  7. These areas will become drug trafficking centers, should the measure pass…if people still consider building new buildings after that.

  8. What’s the big deal? Doesn’t Portland already have sh*tting and (drug) shooting areas? Maybe that’s SF, these sh*tholes all look and smell the same.

  9. It won’t be long before they’ll be required to build INDOOR “resting areas”. Before that, though, they’ll be required to supply toilets and showers, along with paying for cleanup, and probably food and medical coverage. Once they start giving away other people’s money, socialists DO.NOT.STOP.


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