Portland Cops Describe Front Lines Of Protests: ‘The Most Horrific Displays Of Hate That I’ve Ever Seen’

Godfather Politics:

Three Portland police officers spoke out to share their personal experiences while working on the front lines of Portland protests and described the violence they had to incur.

Sgt. Maxey said that way too many resources over the last two months have been dedicated to violent riots, and he added that officers have been subjected to “some of the most horrific displays of hate” that he’s ever seen during the ongoing protests. more

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  1. If you think it’s the worse you’ve ever seen then just wait to the time bomb of citizens fed up with their bullshit goes off!
    And I shit you not, it’s coming.

  2. Sorry officers, but your Judas Goat, Communist politicians are jumping off the cliff and using your bodies for the springboard.
    It’s time to leave.

  3. Can there be any doubt in anyone’s mind that the very active reader comments in The Oregonian online edition was shut down in January of this year in order to control the narrative during the upcoming riots?

  4. gin blossom: At which time it would be a good idea for the police to just clear out and let the citizens do the job.

  5. ” … then just wait … ”

    I’ve been hearing that since the Clinton administration.

    Still waiting.

  6. Start with full blast fire hoses. Nobody or group or bodies can stand up to that.
    Participant very cold and wet, they rarely get hurt!

  7. Extirpates, thats like sending a spoiled brat to his room and NO SUPPER FOR YOU.

    works with children but these commies all need a good beat down and jail time. Use the hoses to force them into corrals then confine them with zero bail

  8. “I’ve been hearing that since the Clinton Administration. ”
    I agree. My grandfather couldn’t believe that blood was not being shed over government overreach in the late 50’s and early 60’s…people are too comfortable…

  9. The shit going down in these hellholes, burning and looting, could have been stopped day 1. These cops were ordered to stand down.

    I heard the first cop say he wanted to “deescalate” That is the first time in my life I’ve heard a cop say that. The first time these rioters started breaking the front windows in the POLICE STATION with the obvious attempt to burn it down, why the fuck did the cops pull back upstairs?

    Is that what it’s gonna take, a building full of cops burned alive? Or the black cop say humor??? WTF? These are communists, they hate this country and a joke will change minds? Hopeless.

    As mentioned elsewhere, deadly force isn’t necessary, water cannon or sound waves can quickly disburse these mobs.

    I could never be a cop knowing my commanders didn’t have my six.

  10. Nobody talking is going to do anything, it’s just talk and that’s it, they’re just talking about doing this or that to antifa and blm. It’s the quiet ones that are going to do something, the one percent.

  11. Seething hatred is what motivates these subhuman pieces of shit.

    There is one thing that I can say is for sure and for certain, the hatred in these subhuman pieces of shit’s heart is self hatred, and what we have been witnessing over the course of the last few months is that self hatred projected onto those who they envy.

    I have been around and observed these miserable, pathetic failures almost my entire life. They are consumed by envy and self hatred. They have no compunction attacking the elderly, the infirm or anyone who is innocently going about their lives who they can bully.

    They really don’t like me pointing that out. They recognized full well what they are and are justified in hating themselves, but they don’t want others to recognize what they have turned themselves into. I wouldn’t have a problem with that if their pathology did not affect innocent others, but they make it their life’s mission to make others miserable. The point at which I had any sympathy for them is long in the past. I could at least pity them if they focused their hatred on those who deserve it… inwardly and at themselves. But they don’t.

    I am indifferent to any suffering they experience and really don’t have it in me to give a shit that their immortal souls will suffer for all eternity.

  12. The “protesters” don’t just hate the Cops. They hate everything that America stands for. They hate capitalism, they hate freedom, they hate hard-working, tax paying, God-fearing citizens they hate history, they hate monuments and they hate old people cuz they remember history and what it used to be like. (I believe that was key to killing off the elderly in the nursing homes by Newsom, Wolf, Whitmer, Murphy and Cuomo!) The Cops controlled by Communist politicians are just a minor inconvenience at this point!

  13. An outstanding example of why The Oregonian shut down their reader comments in January, I believe after consulting with ANTIFA and City Hall, just before mostly peaceful riot season.

    This is a war ANTIFA/Democrats are waging on America and the media like The Oregonian are The Ministry of Truth, the propaganda arm of that coalition. The Ministry of Truth is taking it’s marching orders from on high and a lot of what they publish is either authored by the powers that be in the progressive movement, or has been filtered through them pre publication.

    If readers were allowed to comment The Oregon would very quickly lose control of the narrative.

    OK folks,

    Let me remind you that the Heart family narrative was a construct of the greater PDX Democrat machine, the stories were fed the The O, who dutifully published them. Then after the kids were driven off a cliff by Democrat activists the truth only got out because readers corrected the record in the reader’s comments section. If you read the articles and not the reader’s comments all the public got was the “truth.” It was only after the utter ludicrous nature of the assertions being made by the PDX Democrat machine through the articles in The O were exposed by readers that ant semblance to the truth came out in the body of their articles.

    They are not going to make that mistake again.

    So today we get thinly veiled apologetic for ANTIFA and rioters, with no opportunity for the public to put on record where they stand on this bullshit.

    Protest medics in Portland not spared from force, targeting by police

  14. @Extir

    That’s a great idea. If they do that during winter the antifa bastards will become human popsicles frozen to the ground in an upright position. I’d love it.

  15. @JD

    Self-hatred is their thing all right. It has its roots in Darwinism, Freud, Socialism, Atheism, and now added to it is self-hate for their whiteness.

    Antifa people are lower than diseased rats.

  16. JDHasty
    AUGUST 8, 2020 AT 4:20 PM

    “…Protest medics in Portland not spared from force, targeting by police”

    …They need to stop calling them “medics”. That’s an insult to past and present medics everywhere. They are unsupported underequipped undertrained scum who are there only to give a false sense of security so they can exhort everyone else to ever MORE physically stupid things.

    And some of them join in the attack, something NO medic should do.

    Also, the ones that ARE trained, like in the article, are betraying their Oath to their City, State, Nation, and God because it’s a SWORN position TOO, and at the very LEAST it tells us your word means NOTHING.

    …also, I guess you forgot all ABOUT the manditory crime reporting they taught you about in class? I heard in Seattle in particular they were OK not telling on rapists.

    …and if you WERE an actual medic, and did it for any length of time, I can GUARENTEE the cops saved your ASS once. Probably MORE than once. And they saved your PATIENTS too, they were always there FIRST, made the scene safe for YOUR ungrateful ass, kept ugly encouters with your patients family members and enemies at bay, kept YOU from being collateral damage in a gang war when someone followed your ambulance to finish their victim off, helped YOU by protecting intersections AHEAD of you when your patient needed to be at the hospital NOW, followed your unit to the hospital when you were transporting a criminal or a violent mental for YOUR protection…

    …shall I go on? It’s a LONG list, I’ve had MANY reasons to thank God for cops in my years of service, never had them shirk a call, and have had them physically stand between me and violence when someone decided they didn’t want me or my patient to live any more.

    Police and Fire/EMS are two fingers on one hand. If you can shit on that and betray your oath, I’m done with you, and not ONLY do I no longer consider you a brother/sister, I don’t even consider you to be a decent human being.

    You were part of the body of civilization once. Now you’re NOT.

    “And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.”
    Matthew 5:29

    …to hell with those “medics”. They don’t only deserve a beating.

    They deserve a traitor’s death.

  17. To stop this the heads of the snake must be cut off.
    Because it is international, spread throughout the Country and works across State lines that is a Federal responsibility. For now.

  18. @ TimBuktu AUGUST 8, 2020 AT 4:44 PM

    Decades of observation and deliberation is what lead me to that conclusion. Once I recognized that and had developed my postulate that everything they do is motivated by a compulsion to increase innocent human suffering, misery and death I began to have an understanding of how they could do the things they do to other totally innocent people and advocate for more of what has a proven track record of leading to genocide every time it has been tried. The are enemies of The Good. That is all there is to it.

    And they don’t hate themselves for their white ness, that is subterfuge. They hate themselves because they have reduced themselves to subhuman pieces of shit and they recognize that better than anyone.


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