Portland Man Punches Through Glass Window of Restaurant – IOTW Report

Portland Man Punches Through Glass Window of Restaurant

DC Patriot:
Portland is such a nice place this time of year, it’s really not, but we had to lead with something.

In the video you are about to see, an insane man punches out a window, and cuts himself badly in the process in the liberal hellhole known as Portland. Portland has literally been under siege going on 6 years since Donald Trump’s presidency, and now nearing two years after it. more

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  1. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    DON’T call the police/medics. Let the DildoCrat bleed out.

  2. Turn around bright eyes, punch a window make it fall apart.
    Turn around bright eyes, check your arm out watch the bleeding start.

  3. For how many decades has the overriding sentiment been “Keep Portland Weird?” The stupid bastards have thought it was smart or funny to instill in their offspring the notion that it doesn’t matter how you get attention, just so long as you are getting attention that is what matters. I point out to my kids that human beings want attention, the attention one gets from doing something of value and developing a skill others admire is fundamentally different in kind from the attention gained from doing something weird. The latter takes no effort and is attractive to LOSERS, the former takes effort and therefore is not attractive to lay abouts and the like.
    This same dynamic has been going on in Portland since the 1960’s and as I pointed out decades ago would result, the chickens are coming home to roost.

    Fuck Portland, they deserve to harvest what they have sewn. Smartass bastards thought none of the rules of common decency apply to them.

  4. We should respect his culture. Don’t impose our values by calling for medical intervention. That’s so western European of you.

  5. Portland, Seattle, even Olympia WA used to be nice little cities. Portland was always the Hippie sister, Seattle the good girl trying to act bad and Olympia the baby sister trying to emulate the big uns.

    Now it turns out Portland’s had a psychotic break, foaming at the mouth, Seattle’s turned to street prostitution to support her fentanyl habit and poor little Olympia can’t decide whether to shit or go blind, but she welcomes all the drug vagrants and loony toons that want to stop on by and set for a decade or two.

  6. The glass window wins! Reality check – he probably has a severed nerve and can’t move that arm anymore. Crazy never considers the consequences.

  7. This is America so we gotta’play by American rules.

    Glass WAS replaced from an earlier incident. Dude was expecting a spider web crack and got his arm shredded instead. Sues restaurant. Wins 65 million dollars.


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