Portland Overwhelmingly Votes For Lefties, Then Complains About Policies

Red Level stupidity on the part of Portlanders.

What are they carping about now? Their bike paths are clogged with dangerous tent people, shooting heroin.

I have zero sympathy for these morons.

But don’t worry. They have a plan—> Higher taxes.

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  1. Tough shit Portland. You get the city and the state and the government you deserve. America gives ZERO fucks. Whine to yourselves.

  2. This all comes down to the vote fraud that keeps democrats in power. Most of these homeless people are used as warm bodies for cheap democrat votes. That’s why democrats always make their power bases magnets for the homeless and for illegal aliens. Because both these groups contribute heavy to illegal votes that all go for democrats.

  3. The entire “homeless” problem boils down to drug addiction, and something drastic must be done immediately.

    First off, drug test 100% of elected politicians and bureaucrats every morning. Second, stop electing all these crack addicted marijuana smoking bleeding heart do-gooders to public office.

    The hobo/bum sleeping & defecating-on-the-sidewalk problem will disappear overnight. Trust me on this.

  4. I was there this morning, tents pitched alongside Major downtown boulevards. I didn’t stop, (sorry downtown merchants, I’m shopping where I don’t have to step over shit to come to your store.).

  5. A neighbor on Next Door decided she wanted to stir the pot and posted an article today from CrissCut that all the lefties have been using to counter “Seattle is Dying.”

    Never mind that the Crosscut article gets shredded in its own comment section.

    The lady was taken to task by a retired police captain who received many thanks for his rebuttles to hers.

    BTW Her profile pic: magenta hair.

  6. Omg, you should listen to their police scanner, better than Shitcago. Try broadcastify. The term transient is a common term, but the antifa douches always reaking havoik on buisnesses. A new type of entertainment, give it a try.

  7. Seattle and Portland ‘leaders’ sniff SanFransisco’s hinder parts, SanFran sniffs Chicago’s, they turn their precious noses up at Los Angeles, their real mentor. Love for the needle and the spoon. Can I borrow a lighter?

    The people vote leftist as reliably as the addict shoots the poison in his veins. They install the people who cause the problem over and over yet expect a different result. The answer is to kick leftism, but that for many is harder than kicking the junk, and baby, that’s hard to do.

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