Portrait of Hillary Clinton sets off security dogs

MiamiHerald: When two security dogs reacted to a suspicious crate before an Art Miami tent opening early Saturday morning, Miami police officers briefly shut down the area for a few hours to investigate the possible threat.

But when they opened up the offending crate, officers found something else instead: a punky portrait of Hillary Clinton in a studded jacket and shaggy pink haircut, in a neon picture frame to match.

Fair director Nick Korniloff said that the two dogs reacted to the crate during a pre-show check shortly after 8 a.m., prompting organizers to clear the site. Both the Art Miami tent and a tent for Context, connected by a tunnel, were closed off. The package was then searched and the painting of the former Democratic presidential candidate was found inside.

Police officers ran the 16 inch by 20 inch acrylic-on-wood artwork through an X-ray machine, which turned up no suspicious material.

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SNIP: There’s one of Trump, too. But the dogs only barked at Clinton. lol

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  1. A few discerning dogs had cocked their legs on her picture previously and the scent triggered a response from the security dogs.

  2. $4,000 bucks for that piece of art?
    My dog makes better looking pieces in the back yard!
    Maybe that’s what prompted the reaction from the security dogs!

  3. Where’s your own website, Bob?
    If I *promise* to visit it once,
    will you stop repeatedly posting o/t stuff?

  4. Maybe the portrait was in heat.

    (Ewww! — I even made myself shiver with that comment.)

    P.S. – @Africa Bob (at 8:43 am): – You’ve said that before, Bob. OT Posters Anonymous* can help, you know.

    (* – Not to be confused with Anonymous Posters Anonymous).


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  6. @Bob (at 11:56 am): No prob, Bob. I can relate, because I have the same situation with snarky remarks. Sometimes I just can’t stop myself from posting them.

    I blame it on chemo brain.


  7. hey BOB– are you in Africa or is that just your screen name? maybe the news is slow getting to you 🙁 at least you try to be helpful–thank you.. 🙂

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