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Positive perspective on the midterm election

American Thinker: The liberals and mainstream media wanted everybody to believe that in 2018 there would be a Democratic tsunami wave. There wasn’t.

In the 1994 midterm elections Democratic president Bill Clinton lost 54 House seats, 8 Senate seats and 10 governorships. That was a tsunami.

In the 2010 midterm elections Democratic president Barack Obama lost 63 House seats, 6 Senate seats and 29 governorships.  That was an even bigger tsunami.

In the 2018 midterm elections Republican President Donald Trump lost a just over a couple dozen House seats (confirming the historical precedents), expanded robustly his Senate seats, while the number of governorships remains split. More importantly, the president won governorship races in swing states Florida and Ohio, which will be extremely beneficial for his reelection in 2020.

So, no tsunami in 2018. Rather than a blue wave, this was a “green wave.” The Democrats pumped-in extraordinary amounts of money to little or no avail. In Texas and Georgia, for instance, their contenders for Senate and governorship lost.

Sure, the liberals and their media will keep on bragging until 2020 about their House small-margin takeover. But what will this, in fact, mean?

Despite the president’s temporary defeat in the House, there is a silver lining here, too. The House Republicans were never loyal 100 percent to the president anyhow. Many of them were RINOs, Never-Trumpers and moderates, not on the same page with the president’s policies anyway. Most of them decided not to run again for the 2018 midterm elections, starting with the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.

Does this prove loyalty to the President? I don’t think so. They chose to abandon the president and abdicate from their responsibility to sustain a solid reformation of the American society. They were used to promising their voters for years that they would get things done. And when President Trump actually got things done, they started to hate him for that.  Many of their seats were won by Democrats, who managed to get a small majority in the House.

The good news is that the rest of the Republicans, most of them elected on November 6, are now more loyal to the president and he can rely on them. No more Paul Ryans, no more Bob Corkers, no more Jeff Flakes.

There is other good news (which I predict will happen). After the post-election euphoria, the House Democrats will discover that they are not so united anymore after they get the power in the lower chamber. How the newly elected Democratic former military members will get along with their wacko socialist colleagues? It will be fascinating to see.  more here

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  1. Let’s not forget extra face time for Nancy and Maxine. The entertainment value alone might be worth it.

  2. cfm990 not to mention how hard the LSM is going to have to cover them without face-palming themselves every night. I could see that Tapper and even Cooper were getting tired of it before this. lol.

  3. Yeah, no “Blue Wave” or “Red Tsunami”. Another blogger pegged it as a “Purple Puddle”. I’m STILL disgusted with the outcome. We can thank Paul Ryan and the Rinos that bailed out of the House for fucking that dealing up! :^*
    We will now have a bunch of psychotic Progressives (Pelosi, Mad Max, Shitty Schiff, Nadler, etc.) heading up the House and its committees. Wonderful!!

  4. All is well in my district, Lisa Brown D lost by 20K + votes to Kathy McMorris Rogers R for Congress. And the people of the state of Washington didn’t fall for all the green weenie baloney and defeated the carbon tax by a substantial margin, thank God.

  5. How is it Mad Max is going to do any financials when her time has been, as she has publicly voiced to her constituents, devoted entirely to restlessly pursue “Peach Fo’t-Fi”? Maybe they just like hearing her say numbers.

  6. Everyone usually bemoans “too much money in politics” but if it didn’t cost so much then Todd Steyer, Bloomberg and Soros would have just bought themselves a Congress.

    Russia spends a million on Fakebook ads but three Commies spend $200M to buy every battleground state through a series of tax exempt Super PACs.

    Who is the real threat?

    An ethics investigation should keep Waters off that committee. How does the Finance head not know paying her daughter $750k in campaign funds is illegal.

    I look forward to SNL mocking Nadler’s wheelchair battery running down as it tries to haul his fat ass up the ramp.

  7. Let’s hope Romney is an impotent, back-bench nevertrumper in the new Senate majority. We have neither the time nor patience to deal with his moral posturing and soft-left tendencies. If he gets too full of himself, feel free to burst his bubble, Lindsey.

  8. Yep, I blame Paul Ryan and his ilk for the loss. The senate and it’s appointment duties are far more important. We may gain 2 more seats yet in the senate.

  9. Pelosi is out babbling that impeachment would have to be bi-partisan and being bi-partisan. That isn’t a party that believes it won a mandate for anything. Their lunatic base is not going to be able to contain themselves or accept this toned down message. They need to keep their base and their base demands retribution and angry rhetoric. Just a matter of time before their crazy antics are full steam ahead.

  10. California stepped to the cliff’s edge.

  11. Anonymous- Yep. Nancy’s been telling Maxine and them to shut their holes for the longest time. ‘Peachment is not going to happen, etc. There is going to be some fighting in the House. There will be racism charges, whitey this, whitey that, male this male that. Gee, I kinda hope Nancy keeps her gavel.

  12. The Governorship of Kansas was turned blue by 6 counties out of 105 counties….guess where the public universities are located?….We need state wide electoral colleges for every state.

    ….and those same 6 counties flipped a house seat blue….

  13. All Too Much- California’s further decline will be used as a scare tactic for the rest of the country to go right and further right and stay right.

  14. what the midterms mean to me-

    I see at least one more trump supreme court pick getting on the bench and if the dems continue to act crazy, a guaranteed 2nd term for the best president ever!

  15. No, it was not a Blue Wave. But even a blue puddle should not have happened. We did increase our small majority in the Senate and got rid of a couple troublemakers in the process, so that is favorable. It’s astounding to me some of the winners, Tester in Montana, wtf, the wife beater Keith Ellison in Minnesota, the muslim that married her brother, also in Minnesota, occasional cortex in NY. I guess all the libs, how stupid are these voters?

  16. Oh, and about those ‘investigations’ some Dems in the House are planning- That game works for Republicans, too. They can investigate Maxine (voted most corrupt in congress) and her involvement in her daughter’s ‘charity’ just to start. See, the Republicans can help clog that toilet, too, if need be.

  17. Colorado got the “first openly gay Governor”. He then bragged about having a “first man” to share the governors manor with….He also spent 23 million of his own money to become governor. Who says politics doesn’t pay?…

    Colorado is gonna have the gay agenda thrust down their throats…HEH…When will the faggots learn that they are 3% of the population and can’t procreate naturally because semen can’t find an egg in your ass…..They are 3% of the population and can never be a higher percentage of the population because if they do have a kid, that kid has a 97% chance of being straight….????/…

  18. In my district demorats lost 3 to 1 – Casey and Wolf. We voted in every repub on the list!

    Voter rates higher than 2016 — we tried folks, sorry for the rest of Pennsylvania.

  19. The ONLY way any of this will change will be through conservatives getting involved in their local politics. Contact your most local Republican party chair and sign up/show up/get voted in as a precinct officer (it’s not hard, you’ll probably be the only person running for the position). It’s not enough to post your opinions on a blog or send missives via Twitter or post a clever meme to your FB page. While certainly fun, entertaining and a way to feel like you’re involved, none of those things actually do what needs to be done — shape the organization and mission of the party. That’s the side of the equation in most need and few people truly understand that.

    I met an amazing man last night — vet, current Seattle Fire lieutenant, father of four, Christian — who threw his hat in the ring after he was visited by a local party volunteer. The volunteer was just knocking on doors on a weekend afternoon trying to sign up PCOs. He said he knew he wouldn’t win his primary but he had to do it because he realized that his actions might encourage someone else to also run — in the future. Now, here’s a guy with too much on his plate already — a full time and demanding job, four children (two teenagers, two toddlers), a wife, his church and probably a whole bunch of volunteering in his community — who gets it.

    GET INVOLVED — really involved.

  20. I can’t say I’m real happy sure could have been worse however here in Orange county Fl I don’t see things getting better after the crazy results Gillum was a open Marxist and the only reason he lost was North Florida I feel like I just watched a drive by shooting and am only happy because I didn’t get hit WTH

  21. It’s a question of how much the Democrats can destroy in two years with only a very small majority in the House.

  22. I want to clarify above comment:

    The man I described didn’t throw his hat in the ring to run as a PCO, he went straight to running for an elected office! He went from being a guy who was just out mowing his lawn one Saturday to becoming “The Candidate”! If you don’t aspire to being The Candidate yourself, you can do something just as important by helping to find candidates in your LD/CD who should be a candidate and then work to get them elected. That’s how it’s done. Nearly every CD in King County ran unopposed yesterday — all Democrats. And yet, it would be incredibly close if we ran Republicans, incredibly close. We need to show our conservative neighbors that we’re not as dominated by D’s as we think we are. The only way to do that is to run our opposition candidates.

  23. Meanwhile, Texas is still rollin’ down the highway on Cruz control.


  24. To me it appears just about everybody Trump helped won and just about everybody the media rabidly supported lost. 100% loss for Barry.

    So for the dems in 2020 if you want a landslide just ask the media and the leadership to stay away.

    In South Dakota we came terribly close to getting our first D gov in 40 years. He did his best job trying to impersonate a conservative. Trump came in and campaigned for Kristi Noem and it may have gave her the edge. She was a deeply flawed candidate that had served 8 years in the house and accomplishing nothing. If she cant figure out why she lost in this state she only needs to look at the head shot of her from congress vs the image she tried miserably to carry in her home state.

    That dog just doesn’t hunt here, but glad she won, it would have been a big win for the D.

  25. Frank — Now, you must get personally involved in making sure Noem delivers on her campaign promises. Don’t leave that important job to someone else or you’ll be sure to get a D governor next time.

  26. AA – She has promised a pro-life cabinet level position. That I will hound her on.
    The number of times she promised to cut federal spending and then voted to expand it when she was a congressman I plugged her damn email up complaining to her.

    We had a couple great candidates on the primary ballot and she just had way to much money stored up from her “service” in congress for them to overcome.

  27. Abigail…many of the posters here are elderly and physically unable to get involved. I could’ve donated to repubs in my state (calif) but that would’ve been flushing money down the toilet.

  28. Frank — Perfect. Find some help, too.

    I know about the money thing, too. It’s all about the fundraising. One thing we can do is to find some like-minded millionaires for benefactors. It doesn’t solve the problem of money in politics, but at least it’ll be “our” money.

  29. Florida’s win may be short lived due to Floridians passing amendment allowing felons to regain voting rights.

  30. They don’t always bother to vote. And if they commit a crime again, which they often do, Then it’s back to stripping their vote.

  31. joe6pak, the Somalis in Minnesota is what has made that state so dumb.

    Kansas has some of the same problem with a large number of Muslims settled there.

    Colorado was invaded by progressives escaping what they turned their states into to only turn Colorado into the same state.

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