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Possibly the Worst Take On Abortion

She is getting off on the power of being able to “kill someone” or “allowing them to live,” like some demented ancient emperor that has a God complex.

She is a psychopath.

This poor baby.

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  1. Second wave feminists are misogynists. They see a fertilized egg as an infection, the female reproductive system as a birth defect — a physical anachronism, like the appendix.

    They have replaced God and motherhood with self. Abortion is their sacrament.

    Gender dysphoria and self-mutilation is the logical end.

    TERFS are not arguing from a position of strength. They created this.

  2. I think I remember that ‘Kill’ means something like homicide, which is a felony…so, abortion is a felony?…

  3. Maybe one day, if she allows her child to live long enough while she’s busy pretending to be God, she will look at her child and realize it’s about rights of the child and not about her rights. Trying to convince her otherwise, IMHO, will only harden her own demented beliefs. This is something she needs to figure out on her own as clearly love and respect for others, and herself, isn’t much of a priority. A real life threatening situation sometimes is what it takes to bring these types around real quick; no one taught her that every moment in life is precious and needs to be cherished.

  4. At least she admits abortions are about killing.
    The way she rubs that baby’s head is psycho.
    Her relatives better keep an eye on her.

  5. I don’t think the current rage against overturning RvW is justified. In fact, when the states make laws against abortion, it is not directed at the woman. They will still be able to perform their own abortion – it will only be illegal for another person to do so for them.

  6. When the child grows up, He or she may be just as callus, placing the mother in a nursing home, rather than having her stay with him or her.


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