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Poster Boy Miguel Perez Is No Choir Boy

Those opposed to deporting illegals had their perfect hard luck case in Miguel Perez this week. An army veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan, Perez has been in this country since he was a child. Now in ICE custody, Perez has started a hunger strike in order to avoid deportation back to Mexico, where he fears for his life.

What the left doesn’t dwell too deeply on is why their victim of our immigration system faces deportation in the first place. Here




13 Comments on Poster Boy Miguel Perez Is No Choir Boy

  1. Just the kind of scum that needs a boot in his ass back across the border.
    Lets see the bleeding heart lefties get on the news and face the full story of this maggot instead of cherry picking the parts of his story that get the usual idiots stirred.

  2. So he is a convicted felon, drug user and abuser, who was arrested and had a deportation order WHILE obummer was president. As a veteran who had a less than honorable discharge due to drugs he sure sounds lie some one I wouldn’t give citizenship to.

    Sad that he has become a political bone that the dems want to chew on. But it should suck to be illegal if you are in America.

    We elected Pres. Trump to uphold our laws.

  3. And that, my friends, is why the dimicraps are desperately working overtime to decriminalize all drug possession and selling. And letting felons vote.

  4. The democrat narrative has no place for full disclosure of the facts.
    He’ll find a job with one of the cartels within hours after deportation to Mexico. Expect he’ll be back in the US within a few months smuggling drugs and illegal immigrants.

  5. I think all ILLEGAL FOREIGN INVADERS should go on a hunger strike in prison. Save us taxpayers a dollar a day, NOT having to stuff them with bread & water!

  6. Yeah … but … but … did he have a puppy?

    U.S. BAD.
    Illegal-alien invading rat-people GOOD.

    See how simple that is?

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. This hero with 2 kids volunteered to risk his life for our country, came back with PTSD, a brain injury, and a substance abuse issue, and now our government is telling him he’s not an American and needs to leave? Is that what we want?

    — Jon Favreau (@jonfavs) February 2, 2018

    NO! Take your litter with you!

  8. I’d like to eat a deliciously juicy, fat-laden bacon-cheese burger right in front of him; With fries.

    A little food-torture to increase his by-now more acute senses.

    MMMMmmmmmm…..smells great, doesn’t it.

    Say what, Miguel? Or was that your stomach grumbling? How rude of me to eat in front of you like this. Oh, and by the way, thank you for your service which protects my freedom to be an asshole instigator towards you with this awesome burger in my hand.

    Now you asshole NFL players understand how veterans feel when you take a knee in front of them.

    I guess the door can swing both ways, Miguel. (insert my indifferent towards your hunger strike cause belch here).

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