Pot Heads Smoking Themselves To Madness

A study published this week in “The Lancet” warns that there is a strong link between daily use of today’s hip potency marijuana and experiencing a psychotic break.

The scientists estimated that people who smoked marijuana on a daily basis were three times more likely to be diagnosed with psychosis compared with people who never used the drug. For those who used high-potency marijuana daily, the risk jumped to nearly five times. More

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  1. As a libertarian I think the best path for this nation is decriminalization of all drugs. But I never took any myself and will continue to preach that, to quote Mr. Mackey, drugs are bad.
    Of course hand in hand with decriminalization is the recognition of responsibility which comes with freedom.

  2. This is like those health reports on eggs. First they were good, then bad, then good, now bad again.

    I don’t support legalization. HOWEVER. Wish people would make up their minds. Is dope beneficial or not? Does it make you puke or not? Does it ease pain or not? Does it drive you crazy or not?

    Shouldn’t some of these studies been released BEFORE all these states started legalizing?

  3. As I have posted before, as a teenager in the 70’s, I smoked marijuana. When I got older (way past the voting age of 16 😉) I gave it up as I realized it would be a hindrance to job security. About a year ago I was at a party and some was being passed around. Being now self employed and a ex drinker I decided what the heck and tried a few puffs. Instant stupid shortly followed. That stuff is nothing like what I remembered from my youth. Once and done for me. I’m not fond of the thought of legalization and sharing roads with users either. Already have drinkers and texters to worry about.

  4. “hip potency” = high potency.

    The cultivated stuff today is like hash when I was growing up.

  5. I worked for a doctor in the late 70s. He hired a new nurse who (we found out later) had been a daily user of pot from her high school days. She was in her late 30s. I wondered at first if she had mental problems. She was forgetful, had problems handling the routine of getting information from the patient and run some of the lab work required. After finding out her history, I worried for the patients welfare. After a few months, the doctor called me into his office and told me that he had fired her. I took over her duties along with managing the office.

    That has formed my opinion about pot and I do not believe that it should ever be legal. I worry now about impaired drivers (both alcohol and pot) and especially children. They find a way to get their hands on alcohol and now pot. I don’t see a bright future for them.

  6. It is not amd never has been the Federal government’s duty nor right to “protect” citizens from their own bad decisions.

    Prohibition is very clearly a 10th amendment issue.

  7. The newer high potency pot is the reason I haven’t smoked pot since around Labor Day 1975. It was bad enough then, now it’s far worse. I don’t need to be or want to be another stoned baby boomer who never grew up and besides Cheech and Chong and dope humor is not funny anymore except for maybe Firesign Theater.

  8. Read an article some years back that said Sweden (I think, some Scandi country over that way) legalized drugs and later regretted it. Wish I’d saved the article.

  9. The “recognition of responsibility” is what is lost after using pot or other mind bending drugs. It is the same with alcohol, which is why people drink it in the first place. So decriminalize drugs? The drugged pilot of the plane you are flying in not of sound mind. The drugged surgeon who is operating on you does so without a clear mind. The driver of the car going the wrong way on the freeway was just a little confused. Your doped up best friend accidentally shoots you dead while hunting. Doped you gets your wife killed in a car crash after a fun party with booze and pot. Recreational marijuana is more potent these days than before and its use does lead to using the more deadly drugs. The drug pushers make sure of that. When fools get hooked they lose whatever resistance they may have had. Same with alcohol.

  10. There was some powerful stuff
    at the bottom of the gulf when I
    built a bridge to Del Carmen Island in
    ’82.Old growth virgin fields in Mexico
    have long been burnt out by narco cartel growers
    looking for fast high yields…


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