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Pot Smoking → Psychosis = School Shootings

Alex Berenson Substack

Yep, there it is, the first reference to cannabis use by Salvador Ramos, the Texas elementary school killer. In the New York Times.

Took 24 hours, give or take.

And Ms. Rodriguez recalled he would often talk about how much he despised his mother and grandmother, whom he told her did not let him smoke weed or do what he wanted.


This is only one case. Except it’s not. More

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  1. Perhaps instead of villifying a plant that has existed for thousands of years, perhaps we should first take a look at all the anti-depressants and ADHD drugs that doctors are rampantly prescribing.

  2. Sorry there, Tony, the plant is not the problem. Perhaps it would be if you (to clarify, I mean the in general you, not you specifically) were total straight edge, an argument could be made. But very few could honestly call themselves straight edge. Strip away the politics of the subject from the past 100+ years and perhaps an honest conversation could be had. Beyond that, I dunno.

  3. How about we find out what pharmaceuticals he was on. Who knows how those mix with anything. If they know they sure aren’t sharing.

  4. I’ll just say this. Pot and alcohol are gateway drugs. May take years but it happens. You slowly work your way to them usually through “friends” who encourage you. These things take away all motivations except to party. You work because you have to or steal what you need to just to get the drugs you need. You become paranoid and jealous of what others have and you don’t but can’t quite get the fact through your head that you blew your chances for a home and family and that the world doesn’t owe you a damn thing. And then you die because your heart can’t take years of abuse and you leave behind the ones who love you to wonder what else they could have done to turn your life around.

  5. @Anon “How about we find out what pharmaceuticals he was on. Who knows how those mix with anything. If they know they sure aren’t sharing.”

    Thank you!!!

  6. Honeydew: ADHD drugs and antidepressants are mind altering RX drugs, and I don’t defend their overuse. Marijuana is a mind altering drug that (at the very least) when used over a long period of time, makes you stupid and lazy, (as does excessive alcohol use). And I guess I am a “straight edge” in that I haven’t been stoned or drunk since my late 20s, although I do have an occasional beer. Does marijuana “make” someone commit a heinous act? I don’t think so, but I believe it can lower inhibitions of an already mentally unbalanced person, maybe to the point he might do something he wouldn’t ordinarily do. But just be cause the potheads like getting high, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t study the issue.

  7. This will have a (probably hidden( phrmacological component. They will hide behind his age to “not talk about” the prescription history and self-medication history. The history presented in the media today shows that he was proscribed from purchasing a firearm bsed on the federal fiream form (details follow). He was in no way in legal possession of the firearm. And was pretty much a whack job.

    ATF 4473 21e: “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?”
    Warning: The use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you reside.”

  8. Notice what is absent in all the articles about the shooter – ANY mention of a father. Sometimes it’s the dog that didn’t bark.

  9. Tony, no arguments from me in regards to your retort. I’ve had my experiences with a plethora of substances. Poor choices on my part. However, I will not try to sway anyone with my opinions. Cannabis does serve a purpose, much like your occasional beer serves a purpose….but it’s all personal to the individual. That being said, overuse of anything is not good.

  10. Something to this. We are seeing tons of young people with severe mental health issues and almost all smoke weed. According to our state police, the THC in today’s weed is multiple times more potent that pot smoked in 70s or 80s

  11. Does smoking weed result in mental health issues? Or does having mental health issues lead to smoking weed?

    Both. I’ve seen it¹ go both ways. Keep in mind we’re discussing individuals, each with his own characteristics and history. Trying to universalize is usually a mistake.

    1. Yeah, I did some pretty stupid things when I was a lot younger. I don’t like talking too much about those days even though the statute of limitations has long since run. (-;

  12. probably SSRI’s, would be my guess, and intermittently used
    he had bad contents in his mind. Simple as
    was he ‘triggered?’ Don’t know, but he had a fouled mind to begin with, triggered or not.
    everything is a poison, it just depends on quantities

  13. I’ll never forget the little kid I met many years ago. He came to me and asked, “are you my father?” He did it to every man in the room. It was quite sad.

    He ended up going to prison for murder.

    Yeah. Drugs and alcohol probably didn’t help. But there was a hole in this kid’s heart.

  14. billyhall2546 is right. Everything is poison. To others here, horse crap, he did it out of hatred. I know plenty of multi-decade smokers who are normal productive people. None ever killed anyone and most are successful. He did it out of meanness, hatred, and perhaps a little help from the CIA. Why so many FEDs on site who kept the parents from rescuing their kids. Enough with the excuses.

  15. There is a certain segment of the population that MJ affects in a way that eventually causes psychosis, just the same way as there is a certain segment that reacts badly to alcohol use.
    This kid had a psychotic break, probably fueled by MJ and SSRIs.

  16. Estranged from (relatively normal) adult male mentorship in the form of a father figure specifically, the boy is alone in a bewildering world. Even a pretty terrible father is better than none for a boy, at least the man can be a cautionary tale. Father figures take years to develop, the boy’s trust isn’t just handed out though he’ll latch on in desperation pretty easily (pedophiles and chickenhawks use this). Time and consistency are required to develop the bond, nothing else will substitute.

    Every wake and bake stoner I know is emotionally brittle. Everything’s cool, man, like the other side of the pillow, then sudden anger over… nothing, or something. People don’t chronically use mood altering substances because they’re well adjusted, comfortable with themselves and grooving on life. This includes pharmaceutical and street dope. Yes, alcohol is in there too (don’t want to piss off the potheads).

    Media tells us what ‘the good life’ is. Have more, be rich, be idle, status next to peers and others is everything. Everyone… but you… has all these things… you’d better get yours too. Advertising is based entirely on creating discontent. Social media just magnifies the evidence of ‘what you lack’, especially for a poor boy getting ‘raised’ by a druggie single mom.

    This is actually important. We’ll disregard the evidence that the attack has all the stench of a FedGov operation like several others in the relatively recent past. They MUST disarm the public, they’re obvious about it and seem to be getting desperate. WHY? Whatever they have in mind for us is something they believe we would shoot them for doing, is as close as I can get.


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