POTUS Announces Plans to Roll Back Michelle Obama’s Hated School Lunch Rules on Vegetables… on Her Birthday!

Bwaahahahappy birthday, Shelly!

Gateway Pundit: The Trump Admin announced on Friday that it plans to roll back Michelle Obama’s unpopular lunch rules on vegetables.

Today also happens to be Michelle Obama’s birthday.

Perfect birthday present to the former First Lady from the Trump Admin!

The Trump Admin previously chipped away at Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” hated lunch program after grossed out children trashed the inedible food.

Michelle Obama’s school lunch program was a national disgrace. Kids hated it. Parents hated it. The disgusting food choices were posted to Twitter.

21 Comments on POTUS Announces Plans to Roll Back Michelle Obama’s Hated School Lunch Rules on Vegetables… on Her Birthday!

  1. Now the schools will save money on garbage bags and they can return to one custodian being able to lift said garbage bag. The only losers are the pig farmers. (The pigs win though)

  2. The Worst Lady Tran’s birthday is the same as Ben Franklin’s.
    One of the fake daughter’s birthday is July 4th.

    I call absolute bullsh!t.

  3. Jennifer Pucci- Yeah, I remember. But guess what. Like 0bamacare, it can’t be taken out in one try. Let’s move did more than provide bad lunches, and it went further than school functions. 0bama’s ‘programs’ were made to work like a virus.

  4. Turn Big Mike loose in a dog park where he belongs.
    Wouldn’t look so mean and cranky if he could spend the day sniffing butts, licking balls, and spraying piles of Obama brains.

  5. Michelle obama is a fat slob, a grifter and a racist pig.

    She’s qualified for nothing, except pulling a plow. And even then, any ass would do it better.

  6. People in schools are either retarded of too cheap to provide healthy food choices.

    ASIAN FOOD is not only delicious, but vegetable-centered, not meat-centered.

    But when you have the food service UNION making hotdogs with bread, soggy grilled cheese sandwhiches, oily tater tots etc, not only is it unhealthy, but often winds up in the garbage at the UNION-run school, which is dumped in the landfill by the garbage UNION.

    As long as the money keeps rolling in, the non-unionized parents and children get what they’ve always gotten.

  7. Sassy the Sasquatch thinks everyone likes road kill. Bet her birthday cake is made of all of her favorite road side critters.


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