POTUS Warns Republicans from Effort to Block Mexico Tariffs


President Donald Trump warned Republicans Tuesday not to try and block his proposed tariffs on Mexico.

“No. I don’t think that they will do that,” Trump said. “I think if they do it is foolish, there’s nothing more important than borders, I’ve had tremendous Republican support.”

The Washington Post reported Monday night that Republicans in Congress had begun “discussing” the idea of blocking Trump’s proposed tariffs.

Trump reminded Republicans that he had a 94 percent approval rating in the Republican party.

“That’s an all-time record … I love records,” he added.

The president commented on the proposed tariffs on Mexico during a press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Trump said that the proposed tariffs had brought Mexico officials to the table and that negotiations would continue, but predicted that the tariffs would be enacted anyway.

He said it was “unacceptable” for Mexico to allow millions of Central American migrants through their country into the United States and that he “did not want to hear” that cartels were controlling the country.

“Mexico should step up and stop this onslaught into our country,” Trump said.



6 Comments on POTUS Warns Republicans from Effort to Block Mexico Tariffs

  1. as someone who enjoys long residences in Mexico, I do not like hearing the cartels control Mexico either……….

  2. We’re being used as a pressure relief valve for a corrupt and failed government in Mexico. We’ve seen the same pattern with Cuba, dumping the undesirables into the United States. We’ve already incurred irreversible damage to this country’s social structure and much more of this will spell the end. National leadership couldn’t care less.

  3. It’s telling that the Pres has to remind his own Party to support his efforts on controlling the Border invasion, when his voters are already on board with it.

  4. What he is saying is: “You best be getting aboard the Trump Train, fellas, because we’ll primary your a$$ and win because I’ve got the magical number to do it.”

  5. The “migrant” problem is worse now than when Trump took office.

    The Republicans don’t seem to care and would like to see the issue to just go away as an issue.

    Something more than impotent speeches needs to be done, and Trump needs to do it. There was and still is a large percentage of his base that had a single issue in mind when they voted for him, illegal immigration.


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