PP Abortion Ghoul Admits to Selling Body Parts

Mengele would be impressed-

Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Senior Director of Medical Services for Planned Parenthood Federation of America casually discusses the business of selling intact body parts (video) from aborted babies during a lunch meeting with actors posing as prospective buyers.

The investigative project, “Human Capital,” is the first of a series of videos that purports to document “Planned Parenthood’s criminal conspiracy to make money off the aborted baby parts reaches to the very highest levels of their organization.”


Nucatola reportedly describes how abortion doctors make a point of making sure the more desirable organs are intact from the children they destroy.

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  1. more child sacrifice to our ruling elites god moloch!

    may my Christian God have mercy on our souls for not stopping it.

    it’s awesome how the msm always refuses to talk about the unintended consequences of these wonderful public policies.

    if the msm doesn’t report it how in the world will the dc ruling elites ever know about it?

    remember its all about a women’s right to “chose”!

    is selling aborted baby body parts to make money more sinful than hillary’s scam charity in which they skim 80% off the top as expenses?

  2. It’s amazing that this is so “normal” for her that she discusses the technique needed to “fill an order”–and she probably expressed “righteous” indignation over the death of Obongo’s two sons, Trayvon and Gentle Giant.
    Simply stated, she’s a crunt.

  3. I just watched part of the video.
    very chilling how the killing of infants in a designer fashion in order to harvest the most items was so natural for her.
    there is someone who can match hillary evil for evil.
    one of the sickest things I have ever watched.

  4. Weird how clumps of cells magically become “intact livers and hearts” once it’s time for Planned Parenthood to harvest that baby for cash.

  5. A picture of pure evil. Notice her callous ability to sip wine, and eat while discussing the dismembering of live babies. One question that should have been asked was is there a demand for a specific race of baby parts, and is there a cost difference?

  6. For the wicked are comfortable and relaxed in their ways. Confident and unaware as their evil progresses to heights that even the Demons in Hell reel back in disgust at their handiwork, for they were Angels once standing before the Lord himself. This monster has reached those levels and an eternal horror awaits that cannot even be imagined. Surely, even non-believers have to concede that there is a price to pay for these abominations.

  7. Yes Susan, but may He help the children first since we’re already here.

    This brings this murderous atrocity to an entire different level. 🙁

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