PP Fighting SEIU Unionization Effort

Service Employee International Union Local 105 has been trying to unionize Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada for a while now. The two mainstays of the left have taken their dispute to the National Labor Relations Board where Trump era appointees on a panel hearing the dispute sided with the employer and “reversed an Obama-era decision that allowed unions to organize segments of a company, rather than hold elections across the entire workplace, overturning long-standing precedent against micro-units.” More

7 Comments on PP Fighting SEIU Unionization Effort

  1. No more daily abortion quotas!
    Our Doctors are Artists, not Machines!
    We also demand immunity for protestors who shame and intimidate nasty pro lifer types who hang around

  2. Facing repeated loses while attacking the right they begin self consuming.
    Popcorn and a good time to be had by all watching.

  3. If they just wait until June the point will be moot; Supreme Court is going to rule for ‘Right to Work’ and people can opt in to paying union dues rather than be forced to pay them.

  4. So much for honor among thieves on the left. SEIU is just as willing to steal from their natural allies on the left as anyone else.

    Makes me wonder who is the more desperate to survive and pray for their mutual demise.


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