PP Out of Baby Body Parts Sales

The head of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, announced in a letter today to the National Institutes of Health that they will no longer take “reimbursement” for the sale of aborted babies.

 Baby Body Parts Sale


The move comes ahead of congressional investigations into whether the organization was breaking federal law and most likely will not halt the House committees looking into the abortion organizations practices.



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  1. The head of Planned Parenthood….
    The ‘head’ ?
    Do you really think it’s a real head that talks….creepy people

  2. Wait a minute.

    I thought this was all a bunch of highly edited and misleading videos.

    If PP did nothing wrong here, why change the policy?

    They will, no doubt, find a way to show even more contempt for innocent life going forward.

    This little pivot just takes it out of the news cycle. Bet the RINO’s are greatly relieved.

  3. Heard today that this change has come greatly (if not totally) from grassroots efforts, such as the likes from listeners and supporters of American Family Radio (afr.net), and mentioned that they (PP) started to crank up their pricing so that some constituents could better afford things like a Lamborghini.

    So. Is the heart increasingly wicked?

  4. Don’t you love how those who commit genocide are so adept at euphemism? To the National SOCIALISTS it was “The Jewish Question.” I’m sure those 6 million Jews didn’t mind the “questioning.”

    The SOCIALISTS in this country have the blood of 50 million plus dead babies on their hands. I’m sure those babies are happy to have been “chosen.”

    Now, Planned Parenthood will no longer accept “reimbursement” for the body parts of those 50 million plus dead babies.

    As I said before, once they accepted money for the body parts of aborted babies, that money became the driver for abortion. It had nothing to do with rights or ***cough***bullshit***cough*** women’s health.

  5. This is not going to stave off the Congressional wolves.

    PP sees the writing on the wall that looms with the impending end to the Obama era, and they know full well that they will be in the crosshairs of the next Republican administration. Were it not for Obama and Harry Reid, Planned Parenthood would be off the federal teat for good, and they damned well know it.

  6. This is only a series obfuscations and half-truths. I really don’t care that they’re taking money for murdered infant body parts or not. (Well, really, I do, but allow me a little rhetoric as I get to my main point).

    To me, the main point is that they’re still being allowed to take MY TAX DOLLARS, REMOVED FROM MY POCKET BY FORCE OF LAW AND GOOBERMENT, to continue funding their operations — INCLUDING ABORTIONS.

    Now, if it were the other way around, no more tax dollars being taken from me and given to PP to continue funding their operations, BUT they were “allowed” to continue to sell aborted infant body parts, well, they could do just that. I would still feel that it is morally and ethically wrong, but at least I would know that I am not paying for or funding these abortions. Doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t continue to fight them, I just wouldn’t feel so “involved” against my will and my morals (if you get my drift).

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