PP Sues For Right To Abort Down Syndrome Babies

Indiana recently joined North Dakota as the only two states to ban abortions for genetic abnormalities like Down Syndrome or for gender selection. The law also specifies that the aborted must be buried or cremated.


Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky and the ACLU have filed suit against the state for its new law.

Indiana Right to Life has declared that Planned Parenthood’s motive is profit and not the right of women to end the life of their unborn child.


Planned Parenthood claims this places an “undue burden on women’s right to choose an abortion” and that the requirements for handling the bodies of the aborted adds cost for the additional requirements for disposal of “medical waste.”


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  1. I think “Downs Syndrome” children can pretty much live pretty good lives. I pretty much dislike these murderous progressives/liberals/leftists.

    I do not grok the hatred of our own by the left.

  2. Maybe there should be an amendment that the “remains” should be closely inspected and an accounting made for any missing parts..

  3. I have a ‘medical’ problem in my DNA. So I do not have children. I would not
    want to burden a new life with this problem. It’s not as serious as DS. But
    it’s not worth it.

  4. Abortionist are going to have to demonstrate that there was NO attempt to determine sex of the child or genetic abnormalities prior to an abortion, else face violation of this law.

    I would expect that evidence that parents sought gender or genetic info on a baby before aborting else also be liable to this law.

    The existence of this ordinance should give prospective parents looking to improve on God’s gift pause before deciding to murder the child.

  5. One of my friends gave birth to a boy with Down Syyndrome. Her doctor encouraged her to abort, but she kept her resolve and had that baby. He’s now three and a half years old, and she adores him. He is a wonderful and quirky addition to their family, and he has stolen my heart.

  6. Stop being wimps! If a woman pays a man to murder her husband, she is tried for murder, right along with the actual killer. If *you* (The Most Moral You) decide “stopping” a fetus is murder, how do you get away with punishing the poor doc, but call the woman — who paid money! — a “victim?”

    Sadly, because you cannot compel a couple who does not want a fetus — for any reason which they decide…. sex, deformity, whatever — to care for it with love throughout its life, you doom them all: parents and child.

    You folk have to start getting serious about prosecuting and killing people who do not share your values. And, the most effective place to start is with stonings in the public square. Stone the women who dare to abort! Stone the parents who refuse to raise, with love, a deformed fetus.

    Tell the world that you and God “talk” and you know the answers for all and those who disagree will die, by the hand of God — but using your stones. ….Lady in Red

  7. how can a nonviable tissue mass have a gender? Isn’t that something only a living entity can have? Gender?

    Therefore, how can they abort something on the basis of gender selection?

    Likewise, how can a nonviable tissue mass have down’s syndrome?

    “Oh, I have a tumor and the tumor is male with down’s syndrome”

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