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Prager Calls Out Anti-West Civ Leftist

President Trump’s speech in Poland is still reverberating among those who believe Western culture is the basis for our modern civilization and those who would use any lame excuse (i.e. racism) to try to tear it down.

Dennis Prager makes an example of a couple of high profile Hate America Firsters Here

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  1. Outside of the West and Israel, where is the imagination and inventive genius of the rest of the worlds cultures? What have they done for humanity, or for that matter, their own people lately?

  2. Well the Chinese invented fireworks and bambo scaffolding, I also like Chinese food, and and moslems invented bestiality umm lets see aahh nope not much else comes to mind.

  3. Look at what South Africa has reverted back to in a very short time. Look at the former venezuela has reverted back to.

    ‘nuf said.

  4. I agree that Dennis Prager is the wisest man on radio. Our local ABC affiliate KXLY 920 AM carries his program. On days when I can hear his program I prefer to listen to him over Rush. I love listening to the Ultimate issues hr. and the Happiness hr. on his program. I’m kinda so so on the male/female hr. depending on what the topic is for the day.

  5. Without the west, this world would be dominated by smallpox, polio, and dental procedures that involve people to hold you down.

  6. I view it simply as this, there are in fact cultures and geographies who cannot get their shit together, for many reasons. Leftist cannot abide inequality, for any reason. They deny reality, they are fools. Boo hoo. Sorry there was never a Jonas Salk from Namibia or a Mozart from Yemen. Not my fault folks. Deal with it.

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