Prager on 2020 Dems: O’Rourke ‘Slime,’ Booker ‘Fraud,’ Warren ‘Fool,’ Buttigieg ‘Arrogant SOB’


Dennis Prager described assorted 2020 Democrat presidential candidates as frauds, fools, and slime on Monday’s edition of his eponymous radio show, contrasting left-wing with conservative approaches to sociological improvement.

The Judeo-Christian-slash-conservative answer to, ‘How do we do good?’ is get married and make good people in your family. That’s the real answer. Make a nice community. The left macroizes all this good. We don’t look to politics to make a better America. We believe it is an immense contribution to raise good children. What better thing could you possibly do in life than make good children, or good nieces and nephews? That’s why when I teach the bible — I beg people to get my Rational Bible, These are the things that I teach — it says love your neighbor as yourself. It doesn’t say love the whole world as yourself. It doesn’t say love everyone as yourself. You know why? Because it’s so hard to love your neighbor. It’s easy to love everyone. The left loves everyone. They crap on their neighbors. Almost every leftist is a mean human being. There are a lot of decent liberals. There are some mean conservatives, but every leftist is mean. There’s a meanness at the core.

I look at these people, these demagogues at these Democratic debates. They stink as people. They don’t just stink as Democrats. They stink as human beings. They lie with the ease with which you breathe.  more

8 Comments on Prager on 2020 Dems: O’Rourke ‘Slime,’ Booker ‘Fraud,’ Warren ‘Fool,’ Buttigieg ‘Arrogant SOB’

  1. When Dennis Prager loses his temper, the collective cork is about to pop.

    He’s a brilliant guy, and great human being. I know: because I kno him personally.

  2. Dennis Prager was on a roll Monday when I heard him say that on his radio program. He didn’t pull any punches in what he thought about the democrap candidates running for President next year. If they keep this up the democraps are going to to McGovern themselves big time and lose like there is no tomorrow. Keep it up you democrap fools most of the American people hate your guts and are on to your utopian socialist schemes to destroy America. And yes he did lose his temper, you could hear it in the way he was talking about his disgust for these lousy people running for President as democraps.

  3. Buttisgay is the only presidential candidate who walks around with a can of Altoids because his breath always smells like shit. 💩

  4. The usually calm and measured Prager finally had his fill with the parade of babbling subhuman garbage.
    I hope he stays in that gear because those pukes deserve no less.


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