Prager On The Death Penalty

Dennis Prager observes that when it comes to the death penalty, he can’t comprehend the arguments of the other side.


In trying to find an image for this post I came across an awful lot with the same reversed argument from the left. Which tells me they have no other good response when confronted with the evilness of their abortion / anti-death penalty position.

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  1. Liberals love to kill babies, but just can’t bring themselves to ending the life of some scum sucking murdering piece of shit!

  2. I can understand that true pro-life people can be against abortion and against the death penalty.
    It makes some logical sense to be against abortion of innocents, and okay with the death penalty for the guilty.
    I can kind of understand those semi-misanthropic people that are for the death penalty and okay with abortion.
    But there is absolutely NO logical explanation to be okay with the abortion of innocents and against the death penalty for guilty murderers. It makes no logical sense, at all. But is the standard platform of the Democrat Party. They are just nuts.

  3. I think when you become a violent, murdering piece of crap, you forfeit your humanity and become a prime candidate for the death penalty.

    There is no justification for society to support sub-human monsters for he rest of their lives.

    And quit with the endless appeals, just get it done.

  4. The death culture of the Democrats consists of:
    1. Anti Capital Punishment so there is less deterrence against murder and a chance remains that the criminal can kill a guard , inmate, or escape to kill again.
    2. Pro Murder By Abortion is obvious as a new human life is created at conception.
    3. Pro Euthanasia as noted with Obamacare and state initiatives to kill those old people!
    4. Gun Control so good people cannot defend themselves from violence.
    5. Drug Legalization to encourage OD deaths.
    6. Lenient criminal sentencing so criminals can use the revolving door of justice for years as they escalate up to murder.

  5. They say capital punishment is no deterrent to crime, but I’ve never yet heard of a murderer who committed another criminal act once his death sentence was carried out.

    Not even jaywalking. Hell of a deterrent.


  6. Totally agree Mr. Anth Ropy.
    I thought this would be about Prager being the guest conductor for the Santa Monica orchestra and how “roiled” they were!

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