PRAGER: The Denial of Evil: The Case of Communism

PJMEDIA: One of the most highly regarded books of the 20th century was Ernest Becker’s The Denial of Death. Winner of the 1974 Pulitzer Prize, the book is regarded as a classic for its analysis of how human beings deny their mortality.

But there is something people deny more than mortality: evil. Someone should write a book on the denial of evil; that would be much more important because while we cannot prevent death, we can prevent evil.

The most glaring example of the denial of evil is communism, an ideology that, within a period of only 60 years, created modern totalitarianism and deprived of human rights, tortured, starved and killed more people than any other ideology in history.

Why people ignore, or even deny, communist evil is the subject of a previous column as well as a Prager University video, “Why Isn’t Communism as Hated as Nazism?” I will, therefore, not address that question here.

I will simply lay out the facts.

But before I do, I need to address another question: Why is it important that everyone know what communism did?

Here are three reasons:

First, we have a moral obligation to the victims not to forget them. Just as Americans have a moral obligation to remember the victims of American slavery, we have the same obligation to the billion victims of communism, especially the 100 million who were murdered. more here

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  1. The only way to confront the evils of communism is with the knowledge that they really are trying to destroy us! We didn’t become the greatest, richest, most powerful, most productive, most generous nation on the face of the planet thru Socialism or Communism. We beat them resoundingly EVERY time! They simply can’t compete with a functioning United States of America, so they have to do everything in their power to drag us down to their level of Suck in order to win and that is their strategy. Everything they do is calculated to drag us down and bleed off resources in some way, shape of form.

  2. 100 Million murdered by Communist governments?? That figure is far too low. I would double it.

    Actually, 250 Million is a more accurate number if you include two of the other three branches of Socialism: National Socialism and Fascism.

    In only a 13 year span, German National Socialists murdered 7 million Jews and murdered another 3 million “undesirable” Gypsies, homosexuals, JW’s, etcetera as well as all the residents of insane asylums and old folks homes, calling them “useless eaters”.

    Mussolini’s Socialist Fascists gassed 1 Million Ethiopians in the 20’s when the white colonialist Socialist Fascists invaded Ethiopia. Shove that fact in the face of PC Wokesters accusing you of white colonialism.

    As for the fourth branch of Socialism – the American Progressives – they’re just getting started. They control all three branches of Fedl Gummint – the presidency, Congress & Senate, judicial including the SCOTUS.

    The Progressive’s LoFo low information idiots think they are embracing Communism but in reality they are ushering in Fascism to America – privately owned business but with the American Fedl Gummint calling all the shots with a smothering permafrost be layer of corrupt chair-moistening unelected unaccountable bureaucrats grinding entrepreneurs into the ground with regulations, corruption and malice.

  3. Then there’s this Asshole: “We Don’t Want’ Small Businesses That Can’t Pay $15/Hour”
    How long before that goalpost gets moved???

  4. TRF — ANY TIME gov’t tells a private citizen how much he or she MUST pay a worker, the line has been crossed. Gov’t has taken the free choice of both the employer and the worker away.

    The other hallmark of Communism and other forms of Totalitarianism is their requirement that the truth not get out. Not only must the truth not be known but that there be a large contingent of propagandists — either directly or indirectly — attached to the regime.

    The other missing number in this story is the number of people who were killed fighting against Communism. There are military cemetaries in countries around the world filled with the bodies of men and women who died too young in the service of their nations. In America, right now, it seems all for naught.

  5. “that would be much more important because while we cannot prevent death, we can prevent evil.”

    No we can’t PREVENT evil. We can punish evil as much as possible, but as long as sin is in the world evil will be with us. Satan will see to that.

  6. @DaveVA — I thought about your statement and I agree, we can’t prevent evil itself. But we can prevent evil acts perpetrated by the evil in people by being united in our judgement of what *is* evil. It’s on this point that evil people have broken society’s back.

  7. Like AIDS, Polio and COVID, EVIL is always out there. It needs to be fought with the social vaccines of Truth, Common Sense and Patriotism!

  8. Evil cannot be fought in the world,
    it can only be resisted in ones self.
    {from Caine in Kung Fu tv series}

  9. Communists will insist that the excesses of previous and current communist regimes were not due to the ideology but to flaws in leadership. They insist that, just as with socialism, communism has just never been done properly.

    My opinion is that communism has always been implemented according to the ideology. You cannot destroy the existing social-economic-political structures without doing physical harm. You cannot defend the revolution without doing physical harm. Mass murder has always played a primary role in the plans of communist ideologues. Death is the idea.

  10. People that have turned their backs on God will very easily fall into the communist spider web, get stuck there and eventually be sucked dry of all human feelings. The result is human monsters willing to murder millions for their evil causes.


    Decades ago folks next door said the Soviet Holocaust killed 60,000,000 Orthodox catholics! So the total # clearly is closer to 500 million (500,000,000) than 100!

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