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Prager U Fighting YouTube Censorship


Twenty One of Prager University’s 5 minute videos have been placed in “restricted mode” by YouTube and made unavailable to those households who place a restriction on available content they receive.  Prager U has created a petition protesting the restriction.  You can go to YouTube and subscribe to the Prager University channel as a show of support for the Conservative ideas outlet.


Prager University Channel Here

Perhaps this is what has YouTube and its owner Google so worried Here

9 Comments on Prager U Fighting YouTube Censorship

  1. Perhaps they want no opposition to their liberal slant, So much for free speech, they stand firmly behind political correctness.

  2. There is nothing remotely offensive about PragerU videos, they contain high quality, well thought political positions from a Constitutional perspective.

    I wonder if this could be considered a 1st Amendment issue since Google is colluding with the government so much it merits a cabinet position?

    Book burning was so 1940s! Media banning is the wave of the future!

  3. James Webb, please refer to the tongue-in-cheek second statement where I refer to Google as being part of the government.

    It is an exaggeration used to illustrate another topical issue regarding the close relationship of Google and other social media companies with the U.S. Government. Why did you fail to also point out that Google is a company and therefore cannot be selected for a Cabinet position?

    If I have to start explaining things, I’m better off limiting my remarks to the voices in my head.

  4. Gunny, my comment was directed towards the comment “So much for free speech, they stand firmly behind political correctness”. This blog has no reply button for individual comments so I had to leave mine under yours, sorry if you got confused.

    And yes, I do realize that a private company cannot serve in an executive cabinet position but thank you anyway for explaining thusly.

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