Predatory men vs. predatory women: A double standard?

American Thinker: Are men convicted of certain sex crimes given harsher sentences than women convicted of certain sex crimes?  It seems that way.

Case in point: In 2017, Ronald Godby, a former Northwestern University police officer, pleaded guilty to the manufacture and possession of child pornography and was sentenced to four years in prison.  In addition, he had to register for life as a sex offender.  Godby had taken explicit photos of two underage girls and sent a lewd photo via social media to one of his victims.

That was a just punishment; Godby got what he deserved.

Fast-forward to September 2018.

A 30-year-old female teacher in New York City, Dori Myers, who committed sex acts with a 14-year-old male student on multiple occasions, “will not only avoid prison time but could potentially teach again, under the terms of her plea agreement,” according to

Myers was given ten years’ probation and has to register as a level one sex offender, which won’t be “listed on the public directory.”

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5 Comments on Predatory men vs. predatory women: A double standard?

  1. It’s difficult, without digging to determine based upon sentencing whether there is bias. There’s too many variables to determining punishment that vary regionally or just there being different judges and other actors.

    I think we forget in this internet thing. That even though we’re a single country, we still have 50 states.

    Otherwise yeah, women can only make sandwiches, why are they in prison anyway.

  2. Well Hell guess I am going to be the first.


    Great music video but can’t be made today.
    Kinda like Blazing Saddles.

  3. Anita Hill went from job to job FOLLOWING (STALKING)
    Clarence Thomas as he accelerated up his own ladder.

    Hows that for a DOUBLE STANDARD.

    This CRAP going on now wants to make me VOMIT.

    And it is only going to get WORSE.

    Prepare YOUR mind…and your children if they are young.



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