Predatory Teachers, Particularly Women, is a Crisis – The Left Yawns

Here’s the latest female teacher who banged students. (We can do one a week, easily. For every one of these stories we do, we ignore 20 of them.)

If this many male teachers were shagging the girls, there would be a special counsel convened in congress. But there seems to be an acceptance of this to a degree.

Much like how Euroweenies tell their citizenry, “terrorism is just a fact of life now, deal with it,” we seem to behave as if this is just part of schooling in “progressive” times.

At the very least, teachers should be required to turn over their social media for scrutiny. It seems that every one of these predators has photos of this kind published here in their media libraries. And I’d like to be the one that goes over each and every photo with a fine tooth comb.

(You see… I’m part of the problem!)

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  1. I would be part of the problem if given the chance in high school also. I think I missed out on a valuable educational lesso.

  2. When you pay democrat member dues, you pay for protection.

    1. Women.
    2. Unionized teachers.

    These sexual predators are double-covered. BUT WAIT! As a bonus, we’ll spin your crisis in your favor! Anyone who condemns you has the problem: a prude, Islamophobe, racist, bigot. We’ll beat them down so hard they will cave in and run away just like the Republicans always do.

  3. I sure wish I could have been her “victim” when I was a teenager. I’d have been slamming her like a screen door in a hurricane.

  4. What I find most interesting is why these female teachers assume that any of these young boys are going to keep these extracurricular activities secret. If they are that naive, they shouldn’t be teaching high school kids. It’s just another example of the moral decay that Liberalism has brought our society. On the other hand, at least she isn’t one of the married ones with a husband and children to mortify.

  5. I will say that male students who are seduced by female teachers are probably less traumtized then female one however that doesn’t excuse what’s happening. BFH, you state that for every one you do print you don’t print 20 others which makes me wonder for every 20 that are reported how many hundreds or more aren’t reported. How many teachers are just transferred to other schools (just like the Catholic Church did) so they could seduce some more children. Unless the teacher in question is a bombshell and there are racy pictures the MSM doesn’t care. In fact I suspect they probably have a limit of one per quarter regardless of how many there actually are. Even when arrested and convicted it seems that the sentences meted out to the female predators are far less then men. I wonder where the various womens rights groups stand on this issue.

  6. Some guys have a pleasant experience and have the decency to keep their mouth shut.
    Others, not so much.

  7. What the article fails to mention and the comments dont address, is that for every one female rapist teacher raping little boys there are 100 homo male teachers raping little boys and not a word is said about it.

    The female rapists are desensitizing society to the epidemic of psychotic predator scumbag teachers preying on children. They are mostly homos. They are the greatest threat your children face in their young years. I tell the ghetto dwelling retards “dont worry about the Cops, the enemy you need to worry about is the drug addicted child rapist and child molester teachers” & they just contort thier lips and brows and grunt…

    They should be hung from lamposts, doused in gas and burned. After a trial of course.

  8. Why, why, why didn’t my teachers look and act like this babe? Sure would have made High School a lot more fun and educational.

  9. It’s just another symptom of the complete moral decay and demise of civilization. This is why we did not fulfill our fantasies with the hot teachers of our time.

    We are headed downhill fast, accelerating exponentially with time.

  10. I liked the way it was explained some time back: Most affairs occur in the work place. Most teachers are women, and a large number of men in teaching are gay. So their only resource pool happens to be the testosterone charged youths in their care.

    Having survived male youth and puberty, I can’t imagine claiming that the hot MILF who showed me “the ways” had traumatized me; indeed, looking at some of these ladies, I’d probably still have a smirk on my face.

    –insert “you’re a pig” comments here 🙂

  11. It’s all part and parcel to the “social inversion.”
    Males preying on young girls – BAD.
    Females preying on young boys – GOOD.
    Heterosexuality – BAD.
    Homosexuality – GOOD.
    Belief in God’s Supremacy – BAD.
    Belief in Humanity’s Supremacy – GOOD.
    Belief in Christ as God – BAD.
    Belief in Obola as Christ – GOOD.
    Knowing that Globaloney Warming is a scam – BAD.
    Worhipping Globaloney Warming Bullshitters – GOOD.

    Oh, by the way, I’da fucked her til my dick hurt.

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. Wait. Is this a trick story? Wherein the predator educator was really physically repulsive and the lads unwilling.

  13. This woman is a pervert. Being an adult female myself, I can tell you that I have zero sexual interest in teenage boys. She is a predator and should be locked up.

  14. I think this might be the little girl that lived next door to my wife and I when we were first married, we had to move, she was maybe 10.

  15. David Burge @iowahawkblog
    Jun 12

    War against boys: high schools continue firing hot nympho teachers
    Teacher charged with having sex with three male students

  16. Has anyone ever done a study on just how traumatized the young men that banged their female teachers are? Also do a study on the ones who’s male teachers seduced them. I am betting the latter subjects are far and away more screwed up.

  17. 1. If it was male teachers and female students we’d be hearing non-stop about “rape culture” on high school campuses.
    2. With a body like that, she could screw nearly any eligible bachelor in town.
    3. More proof of the crazy/hot scale–it would help explain why she preys on boys since anyone older would be able to recognize her crazy.

  18. Oh, we had this type of activity when I was a kid. I just played along with Van Halen, “Hot for Teacher,” but none of the teachers were hot. Imagination was a thing back in the day.

  19. Put the predatory bitch in hot irons, give her a shovel, and make her dig a new swimming pool for the prison, alone, no gloves, with the ugliest, weirdest male prison guard possible, keeping a close watch at all times.

  20. Some of these “teachers” are in elementary schools, people! Yes, seducing eleven and twelve year old boys. When one mysteriously leaves mid-year, there’s a hint at what might have been going on.

  21. I did research on pedophiles in sociology and psychology classes back in 91-92 years of college. My first paper I had a psych TA want to drum me out for blatant sexism because I hadn’t mentioned female perps. Statistically throughout the literature available in that day they did not exist. 1<500 female to male perps…

    Now… I'm not certain it isn't equal or greater than…

    That this hot babe needed to seduce (if that's possible) teenage boys for her jollies… Lady has issues… Serious ones…

  22. Ok, fathers. What would you think if this woman decided to target your 15 year old? What then? And suppose your son impregnated her?

    Would it be “Welcome to the family! So glad you’re our grandchild’s mother!”

  23. Fems are right. There IS a rape culture.

    It’s not what they think though.

    AA, My sons’ teachers all loved them. Glad they didn’t love them that much. They all had girls chasing them from elementary school on. Some things you just hope don’t happen. You can’t be everywhere – it’s exhausting.

  24. If it was me, I’d be Ok. If it was my son, I’d be mad as hell a full-grown adult was too much of a loser to find someone her own age.

    We send our kids to school for education and protection while we are at work, not to screw our kids when we aren’t looking.

  25. She truly must be a f;%ed up crazy woman, because she should be able to get al the sex she could handle through the easy, normal outlets. She wouldn’t even have to spend a dime on drinks…..

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