Prepare yourselves for the clown show that is Faye Gary

Put down your drinks, push back your plates, secure yourselves in the seated position.  It’s the Faye Gary show!


Breitbart: Cop Accuser Implodes in Breitbart Interview, Admits to Making Unsupported Claims About Roy Moore

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — Faye Gary, a former police officer with the Gadsden Police Department in Alabama, has been featured in the news in recent days making the unsubstantiated claim that she was told to protect young cheerleaders from Roy Moore at local ballgames.

Speaking in a Breitbart News interview on Wednesday, Gary falsely claimed that Moore “wanted to keep segregation here in the south.”

She then claimed that Moore “hates Jews. He hates blacks. He hates Muslims. He hates gays.”

When challenged for specifics, Gary conceded that “I don’t know exactly what he said about Jews, but he doesn’t like Muslims. I know he doesn’t like Muslims. It is my personal feeling that he doesn’t like blacks.”

When further petitioned to support her charges, especially her claim that Moore “hates blacks” and supports segregation, Gary further admitted, “I am not sure. That is my feeling.”

The news media in recent days uncritically featured Gary making the undocumented claim on MSNBC that as a police officer “we were also told to watch him at the ball games to make sure that he didn’t hang around the cheerleaders.”

The news media seemingly failed to vet Gary, with numerous articles and the MSNBC interview not mentioning that Moore was the prosecutor in an 1982 high profile case that sent her brother, Jimmy Wright, to prison on charges of possession of a controlled substance.  This after a second charge, unlawful sale of a controlled substance, was dropped.

The case was known locally as the “drugs in the mouth” case because, according to the state’s evidence, Wright allegedly tried to hide cocaine wrapped in foil in his mouth while his home was being searched.  The Gadsden Times on April 9, 1982, documented how in his closing arguments, Moore put wrapped foil in his mouth that was ten times larger than the foil allegedly found on Wright in order to demonstrate that such a feat was possible.

Speaking to Breitbart News, Gary claimed that she was not motivated by anger over Moore’s involvement in convicting her brother.

“Really, I had forgotten all about the case on my brother,” she stated. “That had nothing to do with why my making the statements that I made. I made this statement because the women came out. I had no reason to make it before then. I didn’t even think about Roy Moore.”

Unprompted, Gary referred to herself in third person to deny ever being arrested on drug charges even though she was not asked whether she was arrested on drug charges and there is no information to indicate that she was. “Faye Gary has never been arrested for drugs because Faye Gary doesn’t do drugs,” she stated.  read more

SNIP: Have MERCY!  🤣

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  1. Sue her. Sue her, and the person/people who put her up to this, for slander and libel, down to their socks and undies, and kick them out on the street.
    Fa’keem. Fa’keem all.

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