Pres. Trump Looks To Expedite Deportation Of Illegal Aliens

Lid: Donald Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban” was one attempt to honor some of his immigration promises. The Establishment-captured courts stopped that until recently and even now it is not allowed to be fully implemented. But, whether it is a good idea to expand the powers of DHS or not, Trump has obviously not been dissuaded from pursuing the fulfillment of his immigration promises, this time by making deportation easier.  MORE

7 Comments on Pres. Trump Looks To Expedite Deportation Of Illegal Aliens

  1. The rawhide call,” Head ’em up, move ’em out”. The faster they move, the less they cost.

  2. @Poor Lazlo:

    Build the wall with a water slide. They can go home in style.

    Great idea, Poor Lazlo! Let’s build it south of San Diego and use Tijuana River water.

  3. I don’t understand why they just don’t have a JP sworn in at each border station to hear the appeals of the illegals they catch. Listen to the stroy, make a judgement and send them back the same day they’re caught. Hell, give them a meal and $25 bucks as they go back.

  4. I remember back in the early 60’s I worked with the same guys every summer that came up from Mexico (legally) to work the Ice Plant where we iced down rail cars for shipping produce. Most of them had relatives here that were legal citizens, and stayed with them during the season then went home to their own families and were perfectly happy with that arrangement. What has changed in this country and Mexico…I’ll bet it has FREE SHIT written all over it!

  5. Doc, same in Nebraska until the mid to late 70’s. Us kids used
    to love eating with them, the food was great. End of fall they’d
    go back south for the winter.


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