Preschool teacher allegedly created OnlyFans content on school grounds – IOTW Report

Preschool teacher allegedly created OnlyFans content on school grounds

Libs of TikTok:
A preschool para, Brenna Percy, at Wolf Swamp Road School in Longmeadow, Massachusetts appears to have filmed content for her OnlyFans on school grounds. OnlyFans, a subscriber-based creator platform, has skyrocketed in popularity due to its focus on adult-only content. more

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  1. Getting terminated seems a bit harsh to me. When you consider all the other egregious conduct teachers routinely indulge in; bending gender norms, perverting American history, telling boys they are predators and abusers, and turning each kid into brown shirts with instructions to rat out their parents, this seems fairly harmless.

    What is the difference between this and say a teacher using the school computer to bid on an eBay item or place a bid, or contact a client for his on-the-side landscaping business? I doubt there is a teacher alive who has not done something on school grounds that was not related to their job.

    No kids were present, she snapped a photo in the lady’s bathroom.

    I’m not a fan of firing folks over every indiscretion. Of course, she should be disciplined but this in no way reflects on her ability to do her job.

    And how cool is the name of that school?

  2. Go to the link, scroll down and click on the link about the preschool masterbation assignment. Get your kids out of public schools.

  3. I vote to change the name to ‘Cougar Swamp’ cuz that’s when senseless, onlyfans_employees/psycho_teaches belong, is in a swamp, up to their necks, with flying monkey tossing their crap at their heads endlessly, night and day.

  4. The behavior that progressives recognize as cute, smart and/or funny is something I can’t even begin to get my head around. They have no respect for anything or anyone, particularly themselves. Ingratitude and a sense that nothing is off limits comes from being conditioned that their unbridled narcissism is something that others have to appreciate or at the very least suffer in silence. Nothing could be further from the truth, nobody has any obligation to not notice that this individual has provided documentation that she belongs nowhere near children. She is as irresponsible, entitled and inconsiderate of her fellow employees and has proven to the world that she sees the position entrusted to her as her’s to use as she sees fit to advance her own interests above any and all of those who trusted her.

    She has no business stepping foot in a classroom as an employee ever again.

  5. This is what happens when you sexualize a whole generation of young girls. Sadly, we ain’t seen nothing yet.


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