presented with no commentary – webcam on Notre Dame Cathedral captures someone doing something

Seriously, I am not offering this as evidence of anything other than there was a person up on the roof before the fire started.

They could have been authorized to be there, maybe they weren’t.

I’m just presenting what is going on out there as citizens try and unravel what happened, particularly since French officials seem to have concluded it was an accident while the fire was still raging, and FOX news asshats won’t tolerate any speculation other than the fire spontaneously, and innocently, erupted.

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  1. time will tell
    but will they be able to tell us?
    if there’s sumthin found, there will be a whistleblower!
    God wills it!

  2. Obviously, it was a single, authorized worker (Allah be praised) trying to light a welding torch to work on the wooden scaffolding.

  3. Can you imagine if 800 black churches in America had been attacked, and when the 801st church burned to the ground, the press, in unison All announced “it was an accident!, nothing to see, move along!”

  4. I post not as a conspiracy theorist, but to show that people are watching, digging, questioning and have concern.
    That is a good thing.

  5. Don’t know about france, but in the US:
    If it was a worker, working with welding equipment, common practice and regulations would require another to be present, with fire suppression equipment, and to also act as a ‘spotter.’ A ‘fire permit’ would normally be required, with a checklist of conditions that would need to be satisfied prior to and during work. Additionally, the area would need to be monitored after any ‘hot’ work was performed. The presence of a singular individual is more unusual than that of several.

  6. You cannot determine the cause of the fire until a thorough investigation is completed. To state unequivocally that it was an accident while the fire was still burning is disinformation of the highest order.

  7. I don’t know why there would be welding being done. I have read where some say he was welding the scaffolding. Scaffolding is not allowed to be welded in the US, according to OSHA. If it needs to be welded, it is discarded. Nor is scaffolding to be painted, as that can be used to hide repairs or alterations.

  8. Nobody, and I mean nobody, in their right mind has any confidence that the truth will not be subjugated to political correctness in this matter. Neither the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church or any government have any credibility left.

  9. Just sayin:
    I heard a “newsie” say during the fire coverage that “Church authorties” claimed the building was empty and locked.

  10. It was the flash of his incandescent rage at being the victim of racially racist frogs!

  11. Latest word was that it was electrical on nature.

    A radical islamist probably used an electric lighter to start the fire.

  12. Once again the need to hide the truth from the peasant workers rears its ugly head. Too many of us deplorable types are loose cannons, so none of us can know the truth…where are my crayons???

  13. Mojo56, you are a thinker! And you are right.
    There are certain people who are adept at pretending to be other people. They are also capable of getting others blamed for acts they themselves have committed. Wars can get started that way. As for just guessing, each to his/her own opinion.

  14. I dunno. Maybe the Saudis need to beef up security around the Kaaba in Mecca; the Palestinians need to do the same for the Dome of the Rock, and the Turks need to do the same for Hagia Sophia. It’d be a shame if any of these beautiful, historic sites were to be damaged.

  15. If they come at you with a knife, come at them with a gun. If they put one of our guysh in the hoshpital, put of of theirsh in the morgue; it’sh the Chicago way.

  16. Say it’s an accident, blame some nameless worker, collect insurance from worker’s companies E&O policy.
    Claim it was terrorist, and, sorry your ins policy doesn’t cover terrorism.
    Follow the money.

  17. If there is a god, then the fire was started by one of the pope’s peace loving muzzies. Best yet, one that the pope brought back from their former shithole.

  18. @TobyMiles – you are correct, I have NEVER heard of scaffolding being welded, well at least here. If anything, scaffolds are designed and engineered to move, if in a minor way, independent of the building and especially for purposes of high wind deflection/movement.

    Also, I cannot imagine what type of building materials that are being restored or renovated are of a welding type.

    Lastly, @BFH – same here on the conspiracy stuff and yes questions must be asked. That vid was taken at a VERY far distance with a zoom and that was no ordinary spark given the overall scale of the photo and building.



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