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  1. Lady in the background is trying hard to keep it in but about to lose it.

    Tough job to be a judge at a transgender beauty contest.

  2. It’s a show given by the mindless, immoral perverts as a test about the resilience of our basic beliefs.
    Their pathetic antics and hopeless future result in their endless endeavors to separate us from Trump or more importantly from GOD.

    Ignore them, they are to be pitied.

  3. thank you Fur for not posting a video … I can believe that it’s a bad Photoshop … it is … right?

    (btw, I think the sign sez ‘moving retard’)

  4. I wanted to comment…… then so many other bright thinkers chimed in….. then I suddenly realized that it was the REALLY ILL FITTING JACKET!!!! WTF is wrong with people? Oh! and why aren’t many of these squirrels institutionalized?
    “The first stage in the corruption of morals is the banishment of truth …”

    Michel de Montaigne

  5. Somewhere out there the parents of this thing are spinning the the the wheel of misfortune with five out of six in it.

  6. If that almost indiscernible little bump in front is any indication, he made the right call by deciding to go with a dress.

  7. Crackerbaby – Why aren’t many of these squirrels institutionalized?
    That’s a gimme!
    Cuz the DefecRATs are desperate for voters!

  8. @gin blossom October 23, 2019 at 5:39 am

    > If that almost indiscernible little bump in front is any indication

    Look at that jacket. The bump’s just where xe keeps xer iPhone.

  9. Do you like Gladiator movies?

    I’m Spartacus! And you could be … like … uhh … Crassus?
    Or maybe the character played by Tony Curtis?

    Either way, we could wrestle!

  10. what the fuck IS that!?
    It’s parents should be shamed and shunned.
    They’ve raised a total fucking pussy who’ll live a life of misery.
    These weirdos know they’re way of life is wrong and against nature.
    I refuse to give them my permission to be the deviant cretins they are.

  11. One day I showed up for work late.
    On my way in, I encountered the ugliest women ever, in a red dress and YUGE high heels
    She was sitting on the floor, very unladylike, with the guts of the large format printer spread out before her.
    I went to work in Gopher City. (cubicals, called Gopher City because the heads popping up when a conversation is started)
    It looked a lot like the pictured guy except it was made up.
    Pretty soon the heads started popping up.
    Turned out the IT tech had been hired over the phone.
    Ray became Rachel, before it showed up.
    We were gathered and told in no uncertain terms, make no comments.
    Never saw it again, don’t know what happened or where it went.
    The IT guy who hired it, yep forever known as, “Tranny”.

  12. Pathetic.
    Have pity on this poor sick fuck.
    Look at that punim!
    Somebody did something. And this pathetic, pitiable, flotsam of psychotic abuse is the leftovers.
    A broken person. A THING unable to cope with the vicissitudes of life. A walking confusion. Turned its back on God and now struggles to be SOMETHING, anything, even an object of scorn is better than being a NOTHING.

    Seriously – pray for it.

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. I blame this on MeTV, and the failed school system.

    He’s inspired by Klinger on “MASH”, but is oblivious to the reason that Klinger wore women’s clothing.

    So his life is a waste, he will only interact with similarly stunted or defective outcasts. Only a rare person would bother to reorient someone so ‘off the mark’

    As Tim said, pray for him.


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