“President Bush”

A Complete Compilation of Nancy Pelosi’s Confusion… In 2017

9 Comments on “President Bush”

  1. Oh come on, a complete list of her confused statements would stretch back as far as the skin on her face.

  2. Shouldn’t make fun of people who’ve had strokes.
    Her “brain” is a tabula rasa.

    Course, her “brain” was a tabula rasa decades before her strokes.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. This is what happens when Soros deprives an unsatisfactory Minor Henchling of the life-extending baby stem cell infusions.

    Watch how Hilary is ageing fast also.
    Harry Reid looks 103.
    Comey may be next. Talk about an unsatisfactory Soros henchling…

  4. Still Picture : She looks like an Alien depiction, with the Vimana looking Domes and Space Ship lighting over head !

  5. I cannot wait for Her to start growling and biting at the Mic on Her

    cheek….and chasing it in a circle like a Dog after it’s tail.

  6. I couldn’t take listening to much of it.
    But was she thinking of George the Elder? George the Younger?
    Or has she finally realized Hillary lost and she thinks Jeb won? He was after all the other, “it’s my turn” candidate.

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