President Donald Trump and the Opportunity Zones

BLP: President Donald Trump spoke Wednesday on his new Opportunity Zones, which cut taxes in targeted areas to allow poor people to start businesses and gain private sector employment at larger companies. The Treasury also issued new regulations to ensure that start-ups are protected in the Opportunity Zones. Democrat Vicksburg, Mississippi mayor George Flaggs spoke alongside President Trump.

President Donald Trump has fulfilled another populist promise by creating new Opportunity Zones in urban and rural areas, where developers will receive tax cuts and incentives to build up some of our most run-down neighborhoods.

President Trump credited Senator Tim Scott for his cooperation in Congress, and BET head Bob Johnson also spoke at the White House event with Dr. Ben Carson and pastor Darrell Scott where the president announced the executive order. There are now 9,000 neighborhoods designated as Opportunity Zones. NBC News — apparently mad that Trump is helping poor people — ran a hit piece saying the Trump Organization might enjoy some of the tax breaks. What a sad mainstream media narrative! Populist Republican Jack Kemp, deceased, whom Paul Ryan pretends to idolize, wanted to create so-called “economic freedom zones” for many years, and Rand Paul has also pushed the idea.

Trump railed against “geographic disparity” in our country’s economic opportunities in his signing ceremony at the White House. more

7 Comments on President Donald Trump and the Opportunity Zones

  1. Our entire nation used to be an “opportunity zone.”

    Now, in places like Seattle, you have the opportunity to be shot, verbally assaulted, shit on, poked with needles through your shoes, and witness squalor on a scale you never expected.

  2. I thought this was an idea worth trying when Kemp proposed it. But the best way to turn a Democrat into a Republican is to provide him or her with economic opportunity – thus Democrats need to squelch these proposals to keep their inner city voting base intact.

    It will be fascinating to see how the local Democrat governments in Chicago, New York, St. Louis, Detroit and Los Angeles react to opportunity zones. As the Democrats rocket towards their goal of creating a socialist and racist society, they cannot allow the poor, and particularly black poor folk, any opportunity to succeed.

  3. They used to be called enterprise zones. Sorry, same ol crap. Capitalism shouldn’t need government assistance.


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