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President Joe Biden? The Left’s Desperation


Liberty Nation—Former vice president Joe Biden has all the looks of a man who will be running for president in 2020, according to observers.

A report in The Hill states that Biden’s campaign stops on behalf of Democratic candidates in the midterm elections, especially focusing on parts of the country won by President Trump in 2016, indicate a third run for the White House is in Biden’s future.


“You can kind of see what his strategy is not just in terms of 2018 but in terms of 2020,” a Democratic strategist told The Hill.

“He’s essentially going to the places Democrats need desperately if they want to win in the midterms and the presidential election. This is very much a pre-presidential campaign campaign.”

Party Killer

Biden may very well be positioning himself for a tussle with Trump, but the main problem for him and Democrats as a whole is that he seems more like a rerun of Hillary Clinton.

No, not Hillary vs. Trump. We’re talking Hillary vs. Bernie Sanders – the Democratic nomination battle that revealed major tensions between the party establishment and progressive activists.  more

21 Comments on President Joe Biden? The Left’s Desperation

  1. Crazy Joe is another highly successful American politician (which means he is very adept at getting filthy rich at the voters and taxpayers expense)! He has made a career out of it and apparently he isn’t through yet!

  2. I’m sure he’ll make a fine PIC (Pedophile-in-Chief).


  3. lololol this Joe Biden?

    “Aug 15, 2018 · Former Vice President Joe Biden is not well enough to be the keynote speaker at the annual “Democrat Day,” Thursday in Springfield, Ill…..”

    Walkin’ a mile in Hillary’s shoe, I guess

  4. He’s been in government his whole life. Now he’s a multi-millionaire. Someone should ask him how that happened.

  5. Imagine who his Vice President would HAVE to be!

  6. RUN JOE, RUN!! 2020!! YOU’RE THE BEST!!

  7. What could be any more entertaining than that doofus running for president?
    Although a Hillary rerun or a Crazy Bernie rerun, or an Alexandria Shit-For-Brains-Cortazio run wouldn’t be bad either.

  8. he’s thinking that McGovern would be a good VP

  9. At He would be running, or should I say shuffling, at 77. Shuffle Joe shuffle!

  10. Yes, Mr Biteme, please run; to be pilloried for the predatory creep that you clearly are.

  11. Without doubt, Joey “Chin” Biden is the oddfather of the democrat party… wandering the streets in his jack-ass bathrobe.

  12. Q: Why was joe ableist to beat Paul Ryan in the debate?
    A: They gave him the answers long before the debate.
    But Paul is a natural looser.
    Anybody here doubt this?

  13. SHHH!!!!
    Don’t say a WORD!
    I swear, I can imagine they might actually DO this!
    😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮

    (…with Ocasio-Horseteeth as VP!)

  14. He mopped the debate floor with Paul Ryan.
    Imagine how he’ll tear up President Trump in debates.
    (Ha ha ha.)

  15. My point is they give the Dems the keys to it. Paul is no DJT, he’s a dip and a rino at best.
    Trump still wins.

  16. BIDEN-WATERS 2020

    “What we don’t know won’t hurt you”
    “If Biden be bad -impeach him!”


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