President of Mexico Blames American Families for Fentanyl Crisis – IOTW Report

President of Mexico Blames American Families for Fentanyl Crisis

Daily Wire

Mexico’s president blamed “a lack of love” in American families for the deadly fentanyl crisis ravaging the U.S. 

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said in a Friday news conference that the deterioration of values in American households has caused the drug crisis that claimed 70,000 American lives last year. Continues

13 Comments on President of Mexico Blames American Families for Fentanyl Crisis

  1. Mexico doesn’t have to worry as long as democraps are in charge of the border, the fentanyl will stay streaming in, no problemo…

  2. I blame cowardly/corrupt family men in Mexico for not being able to fight the cartels, and running across the border. Maybe those are the families he’s talking about.

  3. Absurd to even consider a lecture from a country “leader” whose citizens can’t get out of his fucked-up country fast enough.
    Too bad mexican families didn’t have any values to deteriorate in the first place.
    Fuck you, labrador.

  4. Obrador know just about as much about American family life as Joey Biden does.
    Two lying shitstains – each fucking up his own country.
    To Hell with both of them.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. FUK THAT MARICON! Close down ALL American companies operating in Mexico Close ALL border crossings line the border with mines and concertina wire.
    Let the Mexican people that rely on the U.S. take that commie POS out!

  6. He’s not completely wrong. The drug problem won’t go away unless people stop using.

  7. That two-bit, taco bending beaner is almost as corrupt as Biden. He’s only alive because he’s in bed with the drug cartels.

  8. He does have a point. You can’t deal drugs without a good customer base, and we sure have one here.


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