President Shuts Down HIV/AIDS Advisory Council

Weeks after a number of members resigned from the voluntary council, President Donald Trump dismissed the remaining members of the President’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. The group had existed for 20 years and regularly produced 5 year plans for dealing with the now chronic disease. A number of gay activist groups declared the president is ignoring this issue as well as the homosexual community.  More



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  1. And? The “advisory council” produced five year plans. So? So did the Communists (ChiCom and Russky). And if I remember my history, that’s ALL they produced…..Five Year Plans. They never produced anything of usable substance. I’m thinking it’s the same with this HIV AIDS council……all hat, no cattle.
    Thank you, President Trump, for continuing to drain the swamp, drop by fetid drop.

  2. What did they actually accomplish in 20 years, and raising awareness wasn’t one of them, cause I had not heard of them till now.

  3. Never realized there were so many crybabies in the Communist-Democrat Party. Our President just drives them batty, doesn’t he….

  4. Don’t do drugs, don’t engage in homosexuality. You now have a 99.99% chance of not acquiring HIV/AIDS. See? Easy. No advisory council needed.

  5. Hey, if the leftist Hollywood maggots and faggots want shit like this? Fine! Let them pick up the tab. It’s their money. Let them waste it the way they want to. If it makes them feel good, who gives a shit? Money poured down feel good holes is better than having them donate money to communists who buy air time during elections. In fact, shouldn’t there be some hair dressing and interior decorating programs defunded too? Are we still paying for ACORN? Find out what they changed their name to and cut that as well. Chop chop.

  6. AIDS / HIV doesn’t kill people the way it used to. With the right meds people live decades and decades with it now. Trump is busy trying to protect gay people from being outright murdered just for being gay (by muslims). So whine about an advisory council for a largely now non-fatal illness being dissolved or thank POTUS when nobody shoots up your gay club or throws you off a roof for being gay. Your choice, I guess.

  7. I’m confused. Why are some members of the LBTG community up in arms about this, per Wapo? I thought EVERYONE was at risk of acquiring HIV. So which is it?

  8. We know what causes it, we know how to arrest the spread, if you delight in your recreational bareback sodomy or enjoy intravenous illicit drug usage, deal with the consequences yourself.
    We are fresh out of give a fucks and bucks.
    It’s not the taxpayers problem.

  9. Not quite off topic, I’m a Trumper, but I want to say this.
    I listened to Mr. Pinko chat with Mike Nordstroms on radio tonight and enjoyed. Pinko, like me, likes the adjective “asshole,” when it fits. They were chatting about the 2016 issue of National Review which tried to destroy Candidate Donald Trump. I remember well that issue, which pissed me off to no end. Just read this piece from National Review:
    “Some conservatives have made it their business to make excuses for Trump and duly get pats on the head from him.
    Count us out.
    Donald Trump is a menace to American Conservatism who would take the work of generations and trample it underfoot in behalf of a populism as heedless and crude as the Donald himself.”
    Well Rich darling, if you feel that way today, you can Count me out of NR.

  10. According to the article, the council members are not paid, so there really was no cost savings. Maybe a teaspoonful of swamp water was drained at best. He could’ve just left the council in place and ignored them without getting all the flak. He must’ve thought he needed another lightning rod to deflect criticism from elsewhere. Or something.

  11. @Goldenfoxx: So you’re saying they’re no different from any other government agency and most of Congress?


  12. What can they do? How can you stop a whatever if you want your stool pushed in in a gay bar? Enjoy it asshole!
    Let’s have a Council to prevent Prostrate Cancer, Brest Cancer, Migrane Headaches, Nose Bleeds, High Blood Pressure, Heart Attacks, Gun shot wounds. Gimmeafuckenbreak!

  13. Think of how many multiplied Billions of dollars have been wasted for diagnosis, treatment, hospitalization, drug research, etc. etc. Probably over one Trillion by now.

  14. If queers want to be queers why should the American taxpayer pay for Councils to prevent AIDS? Broken Rubber?

  15. @Vietvet; have to disagree with you on the cost. I bet that they are paid travel expenses including airfare, hotel, meals and sundry expenses along with secretarial help, printing cost and I suspect a bunch of others. With the number of people in this group the expenses for an annual meeting along with the production and presentation of recommendations would easily top a million bucks per session. Save money wherever you can especially at the expense of a useless, self-serving smug group of progressives while taking away their platform to bitch is great policy.

  16. Let me to the council’s job for them. Keep dicks out of you ass and druggie needles out of your body. There, problem solved.

  17. @scr_north: Still a drop in the bucket compared to other governmental expenses. I’d rather see Trump clean up the Environmental Protection Agency instead. How much money could be saved there, do you suppose?

  18. @Vietvet, it’s not the council itself that proves to be so costly but the effect they have on government policy. An advisory council like this gives cover to all kinds of agenda driving spending that I would suspect has more to do with promoting and supporting risky sexual behavior and less about actual public health, not to mention the deployment of government medical research money to a favored fraction of the population, because they are so journalism friendly.

  19. Why does there need to be an AIDS/HIV advisory council anyway? The average Joe on the street knows that if you get infected with it you either:

    A) Stuck your dick up some infected guy’s ass or

    B) Stuck your infected dick up some guy’s ass or

    C) Some guy stuck his dick up your infected ass or

    D) Some guy stuck his infected dick up your ass or

    E) All of the above

    It’s really no more complicated than that. Glad PRESIDENT Trump abolished it.

  20. California no longer considers it a felony if an AIDS infected person deliberately infects others.
    Isn’t it California that no longer prevents gays from giving blood?
    This segment of society no longer cares about their spreading of a fatal disease. Their whining issues therefore do not merit our concern. At all.
    Fuck them.

  21. It looks to me like it was another a very thinly-disguised, left-leaning “activist” organization trying to hide behind the dignity of actual concern for people. Another group of people who are angry they can no longer influence policy decisions (in other words, who gets the moolah and the kickbacks). Just another lobbying group, basically.

    Read this and tell me this is the howlings of someone who only wants to help HIV/AIDS people or someone who’s angry he doesn’t wield power and influence on this, anymore?

    “Democratic Coalition co-founder Scott Dworkin chastised Trump for the way members of the HIV/AIDS council were let go this week.

    “Trump fired every single member of his HIV/AIDS council without telling them why,” he tweeted. “Not only that, he did it in a letter sent via FedEx. He didn’t even pick up the phone & call them. Laziest & most cruel president in the history of the United States-and obviously a complete coward.”

  22. @Everybody who seems to be in favor of the government ignoring AIDS and letting the queers and druggies suffer the consequences of their actions: If it wasn’t for the fact that children also get AIDS, I might be inclined to agree with you.

  23. We have to thpend all available fundth on HIV/AIDTH rethearch becauthe homothexualtity it the moth awthome thing in the whole wide world!!!

  24. @VietVet; He’s still dropping the big bucks boondoggles but I figure since any other President would accept 6 of these members badmouthing him and resigning without comment whereas Trump was probably told about it, told someone to write up a note dissolving the council and this all took him about two minutes it’s worth his time.

  25. I have some advice, and you don’t need an Advisory Council:


    The WORST researchers on planet Earth are gays and their supporters.

    All you have to do is google: AIDS/HIV SURVEILLANCE REPORT _______________(enter name of any of the 50 states) and you will see:
    #1: Gay men at the top of the exposure category.
    #2: Gay men who share drug needles.
    #3: Heteros and heomphiliacs.

    They are unsafe walking disease bags. Obsessive compulsive. There is no need for an Advisory Council, they are going to get AIDS/HIV forever no matter what happens.

  26. A good move bureaucracy-wise, but it is akin to clipping one blade of grass out of a 100 acre hay field.

    Randy Shilts is probably spinning in his grave.

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