President Trump and President Putin Joint News Conference Livestream

At the conclusion of a day-long meeting(s) between the U.S. and Russia, President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin hold a press conference from the State Hall of the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, Finland.  GO SEE

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  1. Nothing has pissed me off more this last week than all these know-nothing Congress critters telling President Trump to cancel the summit, and what he should say at the summit. Demorats and republicans alike, all lead by Schmuck Choomer. Hey assholes, we elected Mr. Trump president, not any of you.

  2. The Socialist Democrats are worried about Russian collusion or that the Commies are rolling us in a negotiation because of Trump’s inexperience.

    As opposed to that community organizing, adjunct assistant college professor, 1/3 of one term Senator.

    Do fuck off. And triple for Rosenstain’s 11th hour attempt to torpedo this meeting with his nothingburger indictments. It’s only been 2 and a half years since the alleged incidents. No hurry.

  3. What is it going to take to get through to these dunderheads there was NO COLLUSION?
    Glad to hear hillary’s, soros, stroks names come up!

  4. Rush says one of the idiot reporters stood up and actually asked Putin he has compromising information on Trump. If Putin had a sense of humor, what he should have said is, “On Trump? No, not on Trump…”

    They’d all have immediately and audibly defecated themselves.

  5. The Gateway Pundit is reporting that Putin dropped a bombshell that a Russian company gave Hillary 400 million dollars! I don’t see the report anywhere else. Does anyone know if this is fake news or just being covered up by the MSM?

  6. The choices of network/cable coverage this morning (at the moment) are Fox & Friends and Cavuto, so I’m watching an old movie on TCM as I drink my morning covfefe. F&F is like watching The Five with worse topics and Cavuto was being his pompous self, holding forth with his panel of know-nothing anti-Trump has-beens.

  7. What’s infuriating and shameful is the stupid American leftist media insisting collusion exists between Putin and Trump. The socialist American media are obviously more commie than the communists.

  8. The people of The U.S.A. and Russia both stepped bigly into the winners circle and threw out the globalists, Soros and the never Trumpers.

  9. Andrea Mitchell SHOCKED. I tell you. Shocked.
    Shock Shocked Shocking
    This is the Number One Aclidinium Bromide Inhaler, Andrea

  10. I watched the Trump / Putin presser. The way I understood the Russian translator was American Business in Russia that grabbed 400 million, without paying any Russian income taxes, then brought to the United States, again without paying any U.S. income taxes & donated to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. Since the campaign & Clinton knew where this money came from, this is tax fraud & could be determined to be collusion to get her elected.

    Also Putin called out Mueller & his cabal to come to Russia to interrogate those Russians accused of election meddling / hacking.

    The last big thing brought out was for the Democrats to produce the physical servers they said were compromised so those machines can be examined bit by bit to see what went on. Of course we all know by those machines have been “wiped clean with a cloth” aka Bleach-bitted & ground down into a pile of metal powder to be shipped to China & made into Chinese steel.

  11. Of course, Putin attempted to set the agenda and appear more experienced than President Trump. However, President Trump disarmed Putin somewhat by being intelligent, attentive and insightful. Putin is well aware President Trump is an astute opponent or “challenger” as Mr. Trump said. Putin knows he has to be on top of his game.

  12. What info does Putin have on Trump!? It must be yuuugge.

    Trump is a traitor and everyone is figuring it out if they haven’t already.

    Flynn and stone and others have already flipped or are going to. Sorry not sorry!


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