President Trump and The First Lady participate in the 2020 Mount Rushmore Fireworks Celebrations

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  1. When we celebrate the Fourth of July
    We should remember that game called “I Spy.”

    When you look at the news, what do you see?
    Calls for “justice” in a leftist hate spree!
    Global flu pandemic, fatal to all,
    Or our civil liberties about to fall!

    We’d better be reading between those lines,
    Intoned in unison by controlled minds.
    Black Lives Matter? Gimme a break!
    There’s a much larger objective here at stake.

    Anarchy is next for the US of A
    If we don’t keep these subversives at bay.
    They all have destruction, by hook or by crook,
    Written in the rules of Alinsky’s Red book.

    President Trump’s speeches are truthful and wise
    Defending our Nation with guts and no compromise!
    When the New World Order is coming for you:
    You gotta be ready to do what you gotta do.

    !!Happy Birthday America!!

  2. MSM’s version: “Trump ignores masks and preaches racial division”

    Patriot’s vision: “Trump praises American exceptionalism while lifting up it’s glorious history, warts and all”

  3. I swear I saw tears and real emotion last night from our real PATRIOT President Trump!
    It was after his speech during the musical fireworks display!
    THANK GOD for you Donald John Trump for doing your BEST under terrible circumstances to save America from the MARXIST TYRANNY Democrats and our other enemies have been building against our great nation for DECADES.
    It’s a herculean task BUT you are the man to do the job.

  4. Amen TRF, you know of course that the real rat finks or should I say rat bastards all belong to the democrap party. And that Digger, Davey and Daddy and the rest of the rat finks would run right over the top of them and squash them like bugs with their custom hot rods. Ratfinks rule, rat bastards drool! And God bless President Trump for speaking the unvarnished truth about the greatness of America last night in front of Mt. Rushmore. Happy 4th of July everybody and don’t let the nattering nabobs of negativism get to you today, let’s all celebrate the greatness of America and how fortunate we all are to live in the greatest, freest nation ever on the Earth. And bless our Founding Fathers for giving us the greatest gift of all freedom as declared in the Declaration of Independence. And long may we run and Neil Young can go to hell or back to cheesehead land, what an ingrate.

  5. This country would be unrecognizable to the great Presidents enshrined on Mount Rushmore. This will be the year when we will prove if we can keep the Republic that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt created, expanded, fought for and defended. Only 121 days until the most important election in our country’s modern history.

  6. 1,000 TUs Chicago Deplorable.

    Man it sure got dusty in here during that one last night. When you look around, it’s pretty easy to get down. Having a great president like the one we have is very uplifting to me.

  7. Love you President Trump. What a great speech. You are tasked with fighting back the evil hordes of useful idiots produced by you our subculture that is leftism. This task is equivalent to cleaning the Aegean stables. I can only offer my full support and say THANK YOU!!

  8. I was hopin’ they would play the Team America theme at the end. I’m sure Neil Young was pissed when they played his. (I can’t wait to see my statue at the new park.)

  9. Young and his old skanky wife Daryl Hannah can piss off. I am extremely pleased that my President was able to rile the old fart!

  10. One of those fireworks looked like an Indian war bonnet on Washington’s head. I found it amusing.

  11. I still have goosebumps from last night’s celebration of our great country’s birthday.

    Happy Independence Day to all my peeps at iotw, your the best! 🇺🇸 🦅 🌵 😎

  12. Excellent speech. Good timing plus he buried the left with the intro. It needs to be said.

  13. Donald Trump is like a founding father. He risked everything to fight the tyranny. He is risking his fortune, his family and his life. That speech was an education to the masses and i think he wins over more people every day. And Kristi’s speech was like the sound heard round the world. I will bet she is vetted for 2024 by the next R president candidate

    I got a shot of AF 1 about a mile away heading for mt rushmore. Closest I’ll ever get to the greatest man on earth.


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