President Trump Awards Medal of Honor to Sergeant Major John L Canley, USMC [Video] – IOTW Report

President Trump Awards Medal of Honor to Sergeant Major John L Canley, USMC [Video]

CTH: Earlier today President Donald Trump awarded the Medal of Honor to Sergeant Major John L. Canley, United States Marine Corps (Retired), for conspicuous gallantry.

Sergeant Major John L. Canley received the Medal of Honor for his actions From January 31 to February 6, 1968, while assigned to Company A, First Battalion, First Marines in the Republic of Vietnam. While serving as Company Gunnery Sergeant, he fought off multiple enemy attacks as his company moved along a highway toward Hue City to relieve friendly forces who were surrounded.

On several occasions, despite his own wounds, he rushed across fire-swept terrain to carry wounded Marines to safety. When his commanding officer was severely wounded, he took command and led his company into Hue City. While in command of the company for three days, he led attacks against multiple enemy-fortified positions while exposing himself to enemy fire to carry wounded Marines to safety.

On February 6, at a hospital compound, he twice scaled a wall in full view of the enemy to aid wounded Marines and carry them to safety. Then-Gunnery Sergeant Canley’s heroic actions saved the lives of his teammates.  MORE

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  1. His pals knew it would be a waste of time to try to get this great man his due recognition on the treasonous gay Kenyan commie’s watch. How many heroes from Iraq, Afghanistan deserve this level of recognition? Really pisses me off to see ‘Veterans for Obama or Hillary’ bumper stickers.

  2. I have known more than a few CMOH recipients, never met one who didn’t leave a lasting impression on me of being a humble man.

  3. If you were at Way (spelled HUE) in ’67 you know many good men “bought the farm” ; the lucky ones got scars and assumed command! Gny Canly was one such. Typer, NOT NEARLY AS GREAT , only similarities is moving up because you lived and adding cluster to your Heart, did something similar.
    I will carry the scars and the memories to my grave. I will never forget.

    His MOH is long overdue IMHO! Biased am ;I? Da** right I am! 5th Marines are the meanest, most ruthless , – – in the valley. Ask the Huns at Bellau Wood 1917.

  4. I watched this live yesterday, and was moved to tears. And to think when he came back home initially, he was probably spat upon.

    Well deserved recognition, Sqt. Major Canley. May God Bless you and yours.

  5. He was just doing what Marines do…OOORAH!

    I missed the combat of TET in 68, but still felt the effects. I was stationed at a Naval Hospital in Japan that would normally hold 400 patients. Within 48 hours of the beginning of TET we ended up with 1400 patients, on litters in hallways just barely indoors. I don’t remember getting any sleep for about a week…I’m sure there was sleep in there somewhere but we worked on caffeine an and Dexadrine!

    I have a good friend who’s daughter was in the audience, her name is Sarah and she’s a Midshipman at Annapolis, and aspiring Marine Corps Aviator.

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