President Trump commutes Roger Stone’s sentence, days before prison term set to begin

FOX: The White House announced Friday that President Trump signed an Executive Grant of Clemency commuting the “unjust sentence”  of Roger Stone, just days before the longtime political operative is slated to report to prison to serve more than three years for charges stemming from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Earlier Friday, an appeals court denied Stone’s request to delay reporting for his sentence, saying he must report for prison on Tuesday.

“In sum, Stone is not legally eligible for further postponement of his reporting date under 18 U.S.C. § 3145(c), which is the only basis on which he seeks relief from this court. We therefore deny his motion,” the court wrote in its order. more here


22 Comments on President Trump commutes Roger Stone’s sentence, days before prison term set to begin

  1. Good!

    Cue fake news industry contrived outrage in 3, 2, 1…

    The rest of us see this as a much needed break.

  2. Yay! Now, y’all go buy his book and help replenish his bank account that was bankrupted by this absurd prosecution/persecution.
    (It’s a quick read and pretty entertaining, BTW. So, not just charity.)

  3. After all the i’s are dotted and the q’s get their curly tails, Stone should just go apeshit and talk about all their mamas and publish any documents the FBI and CIA used to screw with him.

    I hope Gen. Flynn does the same.

  4. I think it’s because once they put him in jail, it would be harder to work him out of it without a judge stalling (like Flynn’s case).

    And also it became easier to do because of the FOIA documents that were released a couple of weeks ago… Plus, maybe Trump saw something in the Durham report that is going to expose a lot of FBI/CIA machinery. With Stone out of jail, he could go to the media and slap them around with that info.

  5. I’m not saying Stone isn’t goofy as hell and a big mouth, and probably a bit shady, too, but you can’t have mueller and his boys screwing with you and setting you up and getting away with it.

    Mueller’s illegal tactics go back decades. He should be in jail.

  6. At last! Thanks to President Donald J. Trump, Roger Stone has escaped Robespierre Mueller and his Committee of Public Safety’s guillotine. This commutation was a real Profile in Political Courage. Roger Stone was guilty of nothing worth being prosecuted for in a corrupt Court before a biased Jury in order to give Robespierre Mueller’s Committee of Public Safety the false image that they were really prosecuting guilty people for their roles in the Russian Collusion Hoax. Thank you President Trump.

  7. Excellent! President Trump is a one man wrecking crew. The left will have a tough time recovering from Roger Stone not facing any prison time, because there was no crime committed.
    BTW, If the left thinks cancelling Stone has any potential effect on stopping him from putting his Deep State oppressors on blast, they have another thing coming.

  8. perfectly played by PDT. he waits until the last hope died for Stone, then commutes the sentence. by the time the election rolls around no one will remember this blip in today’s news

    classic Trump. I think Bill Burr gets his material from Trump. you can just picture PDT saying to the dem’rats … “Ah, go f*ck yu’self”

  9. “Prayers Answered for Roger Stone”

    Thank You President Trump for freeing Roger Stone.

    He would have been sitting in prison all alone.

    The Left will lose their mind’s.

    While President Trump was gentle and kind.

    The Lord embrace’s with love and forgives us with mercy from above.

    Sleep well tonight Roger Stone, you will not be alone, that the grace and blessings of God have shown.

  10. I hope this is a bellwether for what will happen if they keep jacking Michael Flynn around.

  11. What if I were to tell you that RS and wifey were swingers? Would that change anyones mind?? About how he was trying to be prosecuted?

    I wonder if dopey Mueller went into this. Let’s just say I know because of a friend who has done that shit.

    Stone is a political ANIMAL of NY politics for many years. The man is hardcore. Roy Cohn is a mentor so I’ll leave it up to you all to look into that…

    He is a ‘wild a crazy guy’, but he did not deserve this and especially getting arrested in the way he did.

  12. Of course he is ‘goofy as hell and a big mouth’ and maybe shady and maybe a swinger… but none of that is what he was charged with. He was charged with bullsh!t because the swamp didn’t like those other things about him… or that bizarre tattoo of Nixon. But this is America and it’s not illegal to be bizarre and brazen and friends with a brazenly successful businessman who became president in spite of the swamp.

  13. His over the top arrest, corrupt prosecution, radical judge, and harsh sentence had nothing to do with Roger Stone, and everything to do with sending a message to all Trump supporters that the cabal will crush you with lawfare.

  14. CISCO

    Right you are! As John Roberts clearly judged – BACKING DON IS A CRIME! Don men are guilty, even after proven innocent! Leftist John is harsher than Bonaparte!

  15. Great news and a thumb in the eye of the leftist abusers but it still doesn’t address the problem of these entrenched leftist activist judges like this filthy snot nosed bitch or that juror who clearly should have been excused from the trial. The scumbag judge is just off to the next abuse without skipping a beat.


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