President Trump Declined to Assert Executive Privilege After Reviewing Mueller Report

ET: President Donald Trump declined to assert executive privilege to redact over any portion of the special counsel report by Robert Mueller “in the interests of transparency and full disclosure to the American people,” Attorney General William Barr said an April 18.

The Justice Department provided White House attorneys with a copy of the report in accordance with the law, Barr said. The decision to assert executive privilege to black out portions of the document rested with the president and Trump decided to not request any redactions, according to Barr.

“Because the White House voluntarily cooperated with the Special Counsel’s investigation, significant portions of the report contain material over which the President could have asserted privilege. And he would have been well within his rights to do so,” Barr said.

The White House counsel requested a redacted copy of the document in order to advise the president on the issue of executive privilege, according to the attorney general.

“Following that review, the president confirmed that, in the interests of transparency and full disclosure to the American people, he would not assert privilege over the Special Counsel’s report,” Barr said, adding that “no material has been redacted based on executive privilege.”

“There were no redactions done by anyone outside this group,” Barr said, referring to the Justice Department, the special counsel’s office, and the intelligence community. “No one outside this group proposed any redactions. And no one outside this department has seen the non-redacted report.”  more

5 Comments on President Trump Declined to Assert Executive Privilege After Reviewing Mueller Report

  1. I wish he had blanked some unimportant, and totally irrelevant to anything, sentences or paragraphs just to drive the Democrats mad, and then mad again after they were finally revealed and found to be worthless in their nature.

  2. And just like that thousand of 3×5 note cards were just dumped into the trash.

    Trump just took away the next 3 months worth of talking points from he MSM and the entire Demturd Party.

    Oh, by the way- did we ever get Holder’s notes on Fast & Furious? You know, that who debacle where the White House conspired to sell guns to the Cartels and it ended with a US border guard being murdered. Remember how Holder claimed Executive Privilege even though Obama claimed to have never discussed it with Holder. But I digress

  3. This has been said before, but who among anyone – – let alone the political class – – could withstand such an investigation (27 government investigators for over two years)? Trump must be the cleanest most legal person on the planet. This gives him MUCH LEVERAGE going forward.

  4. @Billy Fuster

    I believe Trump has been planning this for a long time. He knew he had to be clean and beyond reproach to hold the office.

    I really think the cabal expected him to fold and resign in the first 6 months of his Presidency. They were even telling foreign leaders this was going to happen. When the frontal, as well as behind the scenes, assaults of lies, innuendo, leaks, and the Orwellian 24/7 MSM Hate Hours failed to persuade him to resign, they launched the SC for additional pressure, and if need be, to frame him.

    I think Mueller hiring the 14 demonrat-partisan hacks was to intimidate him. This was so far out of line with any sense of fairness. The cabal telling him we can do anything and you are going to pay. We will dig up dirt and get you impeached, and then throw you in prison.

    President Trump has balls of steel. I suspect he knew they wouldn’t stop until they completely ruined him and all those in his orbit.

    The cabal failed, and now they are going to pay. I hope the retribution is swift and merciless. This cannot be allowed to go unpunished.



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