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President Trump Given the Utmost Pageantry in China

Take a peek at this clip. This wasn’t on the Nightly News.

Do I believe these kids are genuinely excited by Trump?

Naaa. But that’s not the issue. The issue is Trump received the Jung-Un, complete with staged over-the-top adoring sycophants, and this was ordered by the Chinese president.

That means something.

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  1. “The issue is Trump received the Jung-Un, complete with staged over-the-top adoring sycophants, and this was ordered by the Chinese president.”

    It’s all business. That simple. All the Asian countries are positioning them selves to limit the economic bleeding they know is coming.

  2. It could mean they are trying to impress him with a grand ceremony and then stick it to him once serious negotiations begin. Or, maybe they really are impressed President Trump. I’m thinking its a little of both. It’s a good sign regardless.

  3. Red carpet and all.
    I always get nervous when there are so many military personnel so close to President Trump – all these guys have bayonets, too! Seems risky

  4. As opposed to Britain where they can’t guarantee that Muzzloid filth can’t throw pissbombs from the street at the behest of London’s Mayor because freedom of expression or some BS.

    Call a Muslim a Muzzloid and see where that free expression gets you there. A tribunal.

    You always know who’s in charge by who you can’t criticize.

  5. My husband went to China on business a couple of years ago.
    He didn’t get a greeting quite like this.
    The Chinese do, however roll out the red carpet for American business people.
    He was given an interpreter. They put him up in the best hotels complete with lush robes and slippers.
    They fed them like kings.
    The gave them gifts….silk, a piece of carved jade the size of my fist, one of a kind paintings, tea, etc.
    They put on a face to make them happy.
    Meanwhile, when he looked out the window of his hotel room and saw the endless factories that were spewing black smoke and the housing the government forces the workers to live in, he couldn’t help but stare.

  6. Given the ‘thought’ status Xi Jinping has now, this throwback era propaganda will become more common. Kudos to Pres. Trump for his speech about his predecessors.

  7. I read that POTUS Trump’s granddaughter, Arabella, is a sort of rock star to Chinese kids. The video of her singing and reciting poetry in Chinese is a big hit.

  8. Dang, President Trump looks and strides very Presidential, but did you see, he gestured to the Chinese President to pause and greet the children. Amazing. Haven’t seen that since President Regan.

  9. Too bad the domestic enemies don’t respect the President the way the Chinese do! Democratic scum!
    Republican scum as well.

  10. This is just as much of a show for China. Also, in Asia, this is a sign of respect until respect is proven to be not worthy (Hence Obama exiting from the ass end of the plane on his last visit).

  11. Mighty Mo Jo — yes, he moves with purpose — very confident. Not like the mom-jeans-wearing, girl’s bike-pedaling, mincing, preening, obama. I wish I’d never, ever seen him prancing down the stairs of AF1 with his pretty, little hands bouncing along with each step. Ugh!

  12. I love it…especially since they totally dissed Barkey, and made him unload himself from the back of the plane, the last time he was in China.


    That was USA Today’s headline, while Trump was killing it overseas.

  14. I also read the Moochelle dissed Madame Peng when she and Xi were in the U.S. for some summit. Mooch refused to show up saying she needed to spend time with her “kids” Madame Peng lost face because she was supposed to attend events with the Mooch. I think this is a bit of a payback to the Obamas.

    Also, the Chinese respect successful businessmen. I am so proud of our POTUS and FLOTUS. They are comporting themselves with dignity and doing us proud.

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