President Trump Hails Retired St. Louis Police Captain Killed by Rioters

Dan Bongino: Earlier this week, a retired St. Louis police captain was shot and killed protecting his friend’s looted pawn shop from rioters. 77-year-old David Dorn was found shot dead outside of Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry store at around 2:30 AM Tuesday.

“He was murdered by looters at a pawnshop. He was the type of brother that would’ve given his life to save them if he had to. Violence is not the answer, whether it’s a citizen or officer,” the Ethical Society of Police of St. Louis wrote.

According to KMOV4, Dorn was murdered during a looting while “exercising law enforcement training,” said St. Louis Police Chief John Hayden. “David Dorn was a fine captain, many of us young officers looked up to him,” Hayden continued, and said that officers will be wearing their mourning badges in memory of Dorn. read more

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  1. funny! sometimes I can view twatter links and other times (such as this) I cannot! And Requiescat in Pace Captain Dorn.

  2. @Crackerbaby and others – go to the link, if you can get in, and hit the ‘view’ tab. It is blocked but not blocked.

    I know, sounds senseless right?

    Nothin’ fa nothin’ fellow patriots, but iTOW should be ALL over this fucking shit.

    This man died in a battle.

  3. Concurrently, and sadly. Gen Maddog Mattais, had been transformed by the events following the death of George Floyd (perhaps aided by acute case of TDS) from Gen. Maddog Matthis into just Gen. Mad Mattis. Mad in both senses: mad-crazy and mad-angry.

    ” Former defense secretary Jim Mattis compares Donald Trump to NAZIS, accuses him of ‘mockery of the Constitution’….” .

  4. My thoughts and prayers for Captain Dorn’s family, these news stories break my heart.

    Our local talk show talked about him this morning. I was so sickened how he passed away that I had to turn the radio off.

    There is something seriously wrong with people, that just stand around, and let your fellow brother die without giving aide.

  5. I’m having a very hard time acknowledging what happened to David Dorn. It hurts too much to hear the video and know this great person was extinguished like he was unimportant. Is that what it is all about?? I know it’s all political what is happening to our country but I had enough. I’m crying for a man I never met but know where his heart and loyalties lied. I’m upset with what is going on with our country but know we have to go through this to get rid of the evil. There is no other way around it. They are evil. Know that always. They will not go away but hopefully will be able to keep them contained for a while. Video needs to go virual!!

    God Bless us all!!


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