President Trump Illustrates Perfectly How the Left Uses Black People For Votes and Then Forgets Them

Advocates for the HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) are saying that Trump has done more in 2 weeks for the black college student than Obama has in 8 years, yet, black students are rioting and burning down buildings. Why?

Because they are ignorant. They believe what their Nat X communist college professors are telling them- that Trump is evil.

I’m not all that thrilled that are tax dollars are going to bail out some struggling colleges, but the facts still remain –  Obama was no friend to any black voter, and Trump is looking out for the interests of all Americans.



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  1. From the story: Jarrett Carter Jr., a black college advocate, said
    “It’s not fair that in the last 24 hours, Trump and his cabinet has generated more goodwill”

    Not fair? Why isn’t it fair? Carter did not say. Carter made a little Freudian slip, there.

  2. To give benefit of the doubt Maybe it isn’t fair that the black community just got the epic punking of all time when they were given the 1st black president who did zero for them in 8 years.

    I’m white but even I think that’s really unfortunate for all of us.

  3. Well, I suppose it is better than sending billions to Iraq and “Palestine.” At least these are Americans. Sigh.

  4. HBCU’s are a fraud. I know a LOT about HBCU’s. They have no alumni support – it’s all federal dollars with lots of that money finding its way into personal accounts. They find money for a Beyonce concert but not a dime to teach students how to budget their money.

    Their educational standards are the lowest. Their graduation rates the lowest. Their student debt repayment the lowest.

    Get rid of HBCU’s and let the taxpayer spend his earnings on his own children’s education.

  5. People love Obama just because he is Black (ish). My family in Brazil absolutely love the man, even though they don’t know anything about him. They just think he is “one of us”. In their minds, we have to love him. It’s insane! Funny thing is that Brazil, for the number of Black/Brown people they have, is one of the most racist place there is.

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