President Trump is Not The Issue – It’s Those Who Oppose Him

CTH: Much misplaced anger is visible.  President Trump wants the southern border wall; he is being opposed by every interest who doesn’t want it.  The people in DC who are opposed to border security, are the people who write the laws.  I’m not talking about congress; I’m talking about the real people who actually write the laws, the lobbyists.

Right now Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer are writing a short-term continuing resolution to fund government and avoid a shutdown.

They know President Trump is quite comfy with a shutdown.

Why would republican Mitch McConnell take such an action that puts the republican President in a position of opposition and compromise?

Because he wants to, that’s why.

President Trump said he wouldn’t sign another CR that didn’t fund the border wall. Right now Mitch and Chuck are writing a CR that doesn’t fully fund the border wall. Why would Mitch McConnell do that? Because he want’s to that’s why. UniParty !

Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan are working to put a take it or leave it bill in front of the President and force him to accept it. Republicans currently control the House and Senate. Why would McConnell and Ryan put President Trump into that position? Because they want to, that’s why.  more here

10 Comments on President Trump is Not The Issue – It’s Those Who Oppose Him

  1. Hey Sundance, our goddamn anger is not misplaced! We are fed up! We have had it! And speaking for myself, I’m sick and tired of all you “smarter than the average Joe” telling me what I should think!

  2. I don’t think Sundance is telling us what to think, to me it’s more of a look from a different prospective. Anyway my day is looking a little brighter if only minutely. F the republicant’s

  3. “Ryan is useless.”

    …no he’s not, @Gonedaddygone, the globalists and America haters in BOTH parties have found Ryan to be VERY useful, very useful indeed…

  4. Yesterday the GoFundMe page for the wall was $76k, today it is almost a MILLION dollars! Yeah, people want the damn wall!

  5. Today, Trump is the issue. The wall is not going to happen. If Trump was serious, we would have the wall today.

    After 2 years of diddling, it is now clear it will not happen. Trump won’t get a second term.


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